SF Giants take a day

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The Giants have the day off. I understand the need to reboot. I took the last three days off myself. And the Giants should have some time off. They’d been playing 16 games straight, doing a little housekeeping—sweep!—to make things more interesting.

Didn’t I tell you after Sunday’s game there would be plenty of time to sweep? The Giants got right to it, sweeping San Diego in the three-game series that started Monday. I didn’t think it would start so soon. But I’m glad it did.

Speaking of Sunday’s game—it was the only game the Giants lost to the Marlins in the Giants latest homestand. It was the game when Giancarlo Stanton, Miami’s slugger, started getting warm. I said it would be best if he waited until the Marlins left for LA, because when Stanton started heating up, I want him to be as far from San Francisco as possible. But LA would do. I didn’t need to worry.

The Marlins showed up in LA and so did Stanton’s bat. They’re playing the last game of their four-game series tonight and so far, the Marlins have won the first three games. Stanton didn’t hit a home run last, but he still drove in the first run and the Marlins beat the Dodgers 2-0. Tuesday night Stanton—an LA area native—hit a three-run homer that helped put the Fish on top. Monday night, he hit a solo home run and an RBI double. I may watch the game tonight. I’d like to see the Marlins sweep.

Donnie Baseball was ejected from last night’s game—again—apparently he’s still sporting his tinfoil hat. He claims the umpires are ruling against his team deliberately. All the umps? I don’t know. But it makes me wonder what he would have done with the caught ball v. trap ball call the Giants—that was not overturned—asked to be reviewed. it was when Duffy hit a line drive to right in the eighth and Matt Kemp (from the looks of the video) caught it in the webbing of his glove but allowed it to come out on the grass. Tough call. The umpires in New York ruled Duffy out and the inning was over.

The good news: we still won that game. Then again, we won all the games against San Diego. Our bats were phenomenal, our pitchers were brilliant and the Giants played Giants style–small ball for the most part. Brandon Belt finished yesterday just a home run shy of the cycle, and the sad part was, he was so close in the first I think everyone was surpised it didn’t go out. But he is credited with five RBI’s for the day. Did I mention we swept San Diego?  The final scores were:

Monday: Giants 5, 4 SD      Tuesday: Giants  1, 0 SD     Wednesday: Giants  13, SD  9

Tomorrow we play the Amazins’ in New York. The Mets pitcher was apparently up for rookie of the year last year. That’s ok, we have Jake Peavy, and like I said before–if the ball doesn’t go where Peavy wants it, he’ll yell at it until it does. Game time is 4:10 pm, our time and you can watch it on CSN–BA or listen on KNBR 680.

#weareSF               #weareGIANT               #letsgetEVEN

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