SF Giants lose one

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We lost the battle but won the war.

Disappointed? Sure. I had hoped for another win. Surprised? Actually, very. I thought for sure we had the momentum to take this one as long as Matt Cain made it through the fifth without the wheels flying off the bus. He did.

So, the question is what went wrong? The answer is not much, but it’s the little things that count sometimes–like a fly ball lost in the sun and a soft infield hit with the bases loaded that turns a double play–starting with the force at home.

The Giants were first on the board after Gregor Blanco knocked in his first RBI of the season with a base hit, scoring Trevor Brown, who drew a walk in the second. Hunter Pence scored on a big knock he sent flying into the netting above the kale patch in the fourth. In the sixth, Pence and Blanco drew walks–Pence scored on pinch hitter Brandon Belt’s single and Blanco scored on Angel Pagan’s base hit. Game tied.

The Marlins scored one run in each of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Giancarlo Stanton, the great Marlins hitter was, to my delight, suffering from a major batting slump. He picked this game to break out of it. Gee, thanks. I just hope this means he’s going to get super hot for his trip to LA tomorrow, where it will do us some good. Still, he could have waited. I really thought they wouldn’t score again, but I was wrong–make that Wrong.

The Marlins catcher, who hadn’t scored a run in the two games he played in San Francisco, decided  to hit the ball out in the eighth inning, giving the Marlins a one run lead. Which they kept. The final score was:

Giants 4, Marlins 5  

There are some positives:

cain 04.24 Miami+Marlins+v+San+Francisco+Giants+PMl69_AO7eSl

Matt Cain got through the fifth inning without giving up three runs. He actually allowed four runs—all totaled, but they were individual runs scored in four innings. One fly ball got lost in the sun, and it turned into runners in scoring position instead of an out. Bochy said after the game he thought Cain did well. I’m taking it as a good sign.

The Giants scored most of their runs playing small ball–keeping the line moving. Giants style. They battled hard—they kept bouncing back, and it almost made the difference. Almost.

They won the series. It’s been a while since we’ve won a series. It felt good. Sure a sweep would have been great, but it’s only April. There will be plenty of sweeping to do.

The Padres come to town tomorrow and our Monday game is set for 7:15 pm with Madison Bumgarner on the mound. It should be a great game. I think we will see a little more activity at the plate when Bumgarner comes to bat. His fellow pitchers have thrown down the gauntlet. They are all vying for best-hitting pitcher. That’s his title.  You can watch it on CSN-BA or listen at KNBR 680.

#weareSF              #weareGIANT              #letsgetEVEN

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