SF Giants lose to LA

samardzija 04.17 10350120_GLast night I was in a really bad mood. Not only because the Giants lost, but I had to listen to the *%?#!& (insert your own expletive) ESPN announcers while they were losing. It was beyond annoying.

They started off gushing about the new Dodgers Japanese pitching  phenom  and how great he has performed. In two appearances. Come on. Let’s talk when he’s faced a few more teams. Going into Sunday’s game against the Giants, he boasted a 0.00 ERA. Not anymore. Joe Panik took him yard in the second inning.

panik 04.17 mlbf_597583583_th_45Unfortunately, that was all the Giants were able to do offensively. Defensively they made some good plays, but they stumbled some too. Like in the seventh when Yasiel Puig scored a run after stealing second–where he was almost caught, but Brandon Crawford wasn’t able to get the ball, and making it home on a single from second–where he would have been out if Buster had been able to hang on to the ball to make the tag. Doesn’t that remind you of the old joke about the Queen–and what she needed to be King? Gotta have the….nevermind, I’m keeping it clean.

Jeff Samardzija, who was very good through four innings, walked a batter and then gave up a home run to the next hitter in the fifth. The Dodgers scored on Puig’s run in the seventh and that was pretty much the ballgame.

The final score was: Giants 1, Dodgers 3

Remember when I mentioned the game last week was not my favorite game? In fact it was my least favorite game. Last night’s game easily replaced it. I’m so looking forward to the Giants playing at AT&T and to Kruk & Kuip announcing the game. Tonight will be much better, no matter what. I hope when tonight’s game starts we get to see Roberto Kelly or hear that he is doing ok.

Tonight’s game is set for 7:15 pm, and you can catch it on CSN-BA or KNBR 680. Jake Peavy is on the mound for the Giants. He’s just who we need. He’ll start yelling at the ball and scare it into submission. It will do anything he says. I hope.

#weareSF                #weareGIANT               #letsgetEVEN

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