SF Giants honor Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson 04.15 1292964_1280x720That could have gone better. I’m talking about the nationally televised featured match-up between the quote-unquote best pitcher in major league baseball—with the Cy Youngs and gold glove to back it up—and the hero of the 2014 post season, our Ace—Madison Bumgarner.

Considering it wasn’t a post season game, you can guess what happened.It wasn’t all Bumgarner’s fault, though. The thing is, the Dodgers didn’t beat the Giants, the Giants beat the Giants. Can anyone say fielding errors?

Bumgarner’s  pitching wasn’t as bad as it reads. It kind of set the tone when the very first pitch he threw wound up over the fence, directly off the bat of the Dodgers left fielder, Kiké Hernandez. He hit another bomb off Bumgarner in the third. I was thinking the next time this guy comes up, maybe Bumgarner ought to walk him.

The problem was when Kiké Hernandez came up in the fourth the bases were loaded, courtesy of a couple of Giants fielding errors that could have been inning ending double plays. So Bumgarner pitched to him. The good news is Hernandez didn’t hit a home run. The bad news is he split the difference with a two-RBI double. Bumgarner’s line has him allowing seven runs—only four were earned—on eight hits and one walk. He struck out seven.

The Giants scored three runs—two were the result of  a Dodger error and wild pitches. Bumgarner started the scoring with a single in the third, advanced on a Dodger error and Angel Pagan’s base hit, then made it home when Kershaw threw a wild pitch.

In the sixth, Pagan got another base hit, went to second on Joe Panik’s single,  advanced to third when Buster Posey made a productive out and scored on another Kershaw wild pitch. Panik, who moved to second on Buster’s out, advanced to third on the wild pitch and scored on Hunter Pence’s single. The Dodgers scored another run in the seventh. The final score was:

Giants 3, LA 7

Derek 04.15 law_1280_c2z28b32_xbcp24laThere was a  bit of good news. Did you see our emergency call up? Derek Law pitched an amazing, one-hit (a triple by the Dodgers clean-up hitter) inning. He struck out the other three he faced–the heart of the Dodgers line up–two of them swinging and one of them looking. Not bad for a kid who was pitching in the minor leagues when he woke up Thursday.

It was Jackie Robinson Day. Every player in the MLB wore #42 in honor of Jackie. The Giants did one better–we gave Jackie’s team a game for Jackie Robinson Day.

Today is not Jackie Robinson Day. I’m calling it Johnny Cueto Day, and on Johnny Cueto Day, the Giants need to #beatLA. It’s just that simple.Game time is 6:10 pm, Giants time, and you can watch it on CSN-BA or hear it on KNBR 680.

#weareSF               #weareGIANT               #letsgetEVEN

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