SF Giants celebrate Hunter Pence

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Yesterday was Hunter Pence’s 33rd Birthday–and Giants fans celebrated him at last night’s game. They looked visibly disappointed when the Giants lost. But we’re celebrating Hunter anyway. Why not? Kruk and Kuip said he gets a birthday week.

Last night’s game? Not my favorite game of the season so far. In fact, it’s my least favorite. But I’m sure by the time the season’s over, it will fall somewhere in the middle of the pack. But last night the Giants gave up 12 extra base hits, the most in SF Giants history.

I don’t mind the loss. We’re supposed to lose some of them. In our glory days when we won it all we lost quite a few games: in 2010 we lost 70 games, in 2012 it was 68 and our wild card year—2014—we lost 74. I mind the ones we’re supposed to win, where we go up against a so-so pitcher and a lukewarm line up. When we go up against a team with a phenomenal pitcher or a great hitting line up, odds are we will lose some.

peavy 04.13 packageObviously, last night was not the Giants night. Jake Peavy was having some trouble locating. But he kept the score close for the most part, giving the Giants the chance to get back into the game several times. And he laid down the perfect bunt. Textbook. Even I recognized what a great bunt it was.

The good news is the Colorado rookie phenom who hammers home runs like they’re base hits, didn’t hit any homers last night. I hate to say it, though, it wasn’t because of Peavy. The kid hit two triples and a base hit, although Peavy did strike him out once. I think the kid got Coors’d. It’s like cursed only it just happens in Coors Field. They raised the fences in the back of the yard, and both triples Trevor Story hit were off the top of those fences–if the fences hadn’t be raised, they would have left the yard. Yup, he was Coors’d.

Our rookie named Trevor didn’t do too bad himself. He hit a single and a double. Brandon Belt hit a home run. Denard Span hit a two-RBI double. The birthday boy—Hunter Pence—hit an RBI single.  Happy 33 Hunter! The final score was:

Giants 6, Rockies 10

Today is another day and Matt Cain is on the mound. The game is almost starting: 12:10 pm on CSN–-BA or KNBR 680, so tune-in. Pre-game has already started. Getaway day–gotta go!

#weareSF               #weareGIANT               #letsgetEVEN

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