SF Giants Trevor Brown is the story

brown 04.12 920x920You know, for Colorado, the story may be Trevor Story, but for San Francisco, the story is Trevor Brown. Their rookie may have hit seven home runs in the first six games, but he’s their everyday short stop and he starts every game. Oh, and he didn’t get a hit off Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija. Don’t get me wrong, he can resume his magnificent record after we leave for LA. That’s all I’m saying.

Our rookie, Brownie, as manager Bruce Bochy likes to call him, has hit home runs in each of the games he’s started. The first home run broke up the Dodgers no-no last Friday, and last night against the Rockies, their rookie named Trevor didn’t hit the home runs–but our rookie named Trevor hit two of them.

samard 04.12 WOUd6bB569NxJeff Samardzija was brutal on the mound–after he settled in. I’m not gonna lie to you, he looked like he was kinda getting off to maybe a somewhat shaky start (how’s that for equivocal) but I think I see where he plays like his nickname–the Shark. He circled around the Rockies hitters quietly at first. He gave up two hits and a run in the second; a hit where the runner worked his way to third on a steal before retiring the side in the third; a couple of walks in the fourth; then a couple of base hits and a run in the fifth. The sixth, seventh and eighth innings were three-up, three-down, grab some pine, meat innings.

The defense backing him was great. Other than an error in the first that went nowhere, they got the job done. Including a play in the fifth where Pagan called everyone off, but couldn’t make the catch–he scooped the ball off the grass and threw the perfect strike to Brown, who made the swipe tag on the runner for the out at the plate.

brown 04.12 1fa327a70b9644ddb0e755632e5b09f5The bats came to life after the Rockies scored, making this the sixth time the Giants have won when the opponents scored first–out of six wins. Denard Span hit a double and scored on Hunter Pence’s base hit in the third. Joe Panik hit a double and Pence followed with a home run in the fifth. The rest was up to Brown. He hit a two-run home run that scored fellow Bruin, Brandon Crawford, who was on board with a base hit in the sixth, another right after Angel Pagan’s single in the eighth. The final score was:
Giants 7, Rockies 2

ray l3 4eed61042c314e6aa57c3d9a018239a3Can’t you just picture Ray Liotta, as Shoeless Joe Jackson, standing in a cornfield, shaking his head with that sardonic smirk on his face as he says: “Rookies.” Kinda says it all doesn’t it?

Another 5:40 pm, Giants time start today with Jake Peavy on the mound. You can catch the game on CSN-BA + (whatever that means) or KNBR 680.

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