SF Giants rookies on parade

Ernie Giants bday 10168018_10203613860655362_4774394050599021482_n

My son Ernie celebrating his birthday…Giants style

The Giants have the day off. I took the last two days off myself—I had a dinner–for my uncle and my son–to go to Saturday and the tax man was calling again yesterday. It seemed only right that I take a little time to write today. Not to tell you about the games—actually what happened during the games—but to talk about the mood surrounding the games.

Mostly it’s good. Why not? We took the series between the Giants and our forever rival, the Dodgers, but we lost the one game all of us really wanted the Giants to win. Oh, who am I kidding—we wanted the Giants to win all the games.

bumg 4.09 thGYRTG4WSI wasn’t able to watch much of either game, but I paid closer attention to Saturday’s game, and I thought for sure we had them when our Ace—Madison Bumgarner—scored the first home run off Clayton Kershaw, the guy with one game under his belt and a zero earned run average. If you’re a lip reader, Kershaw’s reaction was a tad R-rated. It wasn’t the first home run Bumgarner has ever hit off Kershaw.

My hopes soared after Bumgarner scored the solo home run in the second inning. When Ehire Adrianza scored another solo home run, I was elated. It went from a tie game back to the Giants in the lead. As it should be. I didn’t get to watch the final inning, but I heard about it. My only consolation was that even though Bumgarner got a no decision, so did Kershaw. The final score was: Giants 2, Dodgers 3

cueto thXG07HPL9I saw more of Sunday’s game than Saturday’s, but at the onset I was stunned. Johnny Cueto’s debut as a Giant in AT&T Park was loused up by the five runs the Dodgers scored in the first inning. That’s a lot to overcome. In the bottom of the first as Duane Kuiper likes to say: “the Giants had a lot of work to do.” Then Kuip declared that the team that scored first in the initial three games of the series, was the team that lost. He was absolutely right. I felt better already.

pagan thKYAPJ9J9The Giants scored two runs in the bottom of the first, then tied the score in the third and the Dodgers pulled ahead again—by one run—in the fourth. Angel Pagan hit a solo home run in the bottom of the inning, tying it again. The Giants pulled ahead in the sixth, scoring three runs and the Dodgers couldn’t catch them. The final score was Giants 9, Dodgers 6

The Giants are headed to Colorado next where the story is—fittingly enough—a rookie named Trevor Story. He made his MLB debut April 4, 2016—just one week ago—and has hit seven home runs since then. Mike Norris, Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report, said in his column dated April 10, 2016:

“Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story set an MLB record on Sunday with his seventh home run through his team’s first six games of the season, per Owen Perkins of MLB.com.”

The 2016 season is starting to look like the year of the rookies—along with the home run record setter in Colorado, we watched a rookie pitcher for the Dodgers take a no-hitter into the eighth, only to have the no-hitter broken up a Giants rookie. And these are just the teams I’m keeping track of. Rookies on parade. We’re in for some good baseball ahead.

Tuesday’s game is scheduled for 5:40 pm, Giants time, on CSN-BA or KNBR 680. Jeff Samardzija will be on the mound for the Giants.

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