SF Giants #BeatLA again

imageYou remember the old saying “by hook or by crook”? The Giants beat LA again, and this time it was literally “by hook”.

The Dodgers pitcher in last night’s game, Ross Stribling, in his MLB debut, had a no–hitter going all the way into the eighth. He reached his 100th pitch after walking Angel Pagan. First year manager Dave Roberts got the hook and yanked the kid out of the game. Apparently, he was strictly adhering to the 100 pitch limit. You see the disappointment on the kid’s face.

I get it, I do. The kid had Tommy John two years ago and Roberts no doubt decided to err on the side of caution. Pagan was Stribling’s fourth walk–perhaps Roberts thought the high pitch count was causing the pitcher problems with location. Here’s the thing: we’ll never know what might have happened if the kid had been left in the game.

All we know is what actually happened. The Dodgers brought in a new pitcher and Trevor Brown was up next for the Giants. Brown and the  new pitcher were acquainted. Brown faced the pitcher once before and hit a single off him. This time the meeting went better for Brown–it ended with his first major league home run.

After the game, Amy G interviewed Brown about his two-run home run that tied the game, Brown said “honestly, I think this is the probably coolest baseball moment I’ve ever been a part of.” I get the feeling there’s lots of cool moments ahead.

Like the one in the 10th. With the game tied after nine, it went into extra innings. Brandon Crawford was up first in the bottom of the tenth and he put an end to it with a walk-off home run. Talk about a cool moment. The final score was:
Giants 3, LA 2

imageAs a Giants fan, I’m thrilled the Giants won. As a baseball fan, I hated to see the rookie pulled out of the game when he was throwing a no–hitter. Even if he is a Dodger. He was robbed. Yea, the Giants beat LA by hook or by crook. Maybe it was a little of both.

One thing I do know though–the Horse is back! Matt Cain looked great out there last night. Giddy up!

Today’s game is the one we all wait for–the Bumgarner/Kershaw showdown. It’s scheduled to start at 1:05 pm and you can catch it on CSN-BA, FS1 or KNBR 680. Or better yet, head to the Yard.

#weareSF             #weareGIANT            #letsgetEVEN

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