SF Giants #BeatLA

imageSo the Dodgers blew into town bringing an amped up runs-scored streak and an innings pitched scoreless streak, and their brag on social media was that their rotation was enjoying a 0.00 ERA. Whatever.

‘Scuse me, Dodgers? Have you met the 2016 Giants?

It was a picture perfect opening day. The weather was beautiful, the sky was blue, the crowd wore their finest orange and black, Jim Davenport’s family honored him by planting a memorial third base and Monte Irvin’s daughters were on hand to throw out the first pitch.

Then the game started and the Dodgers started adding on to their scoring streak. And their pitchers ERA remained at zero while the Giants bats made very little noise.

imageJake Peavy was on the mound for the Giants, and although he received a no decision, he pitched better than it reads, keeping the score from getting away from the Giants to a point of no return. Peavy, it seemed, couldn’t catch a break.

One bad luck play showed-off the baseball gods sardonic sense of humor. A call at second base in the top of the second inning that started a double play to end the inning, was overturned based on the new rule about plays at second. I call it the Chase Utley rule, because of an injury Utley inflicted on an opposing second baseman when Utley slid into second base. When the ruling was overturned, the inning continued and another Dodgers’ hitter came to the plate. The new batter to hit for LA was…who else? Second baseman Chase Utley. He struck out. Can you imagine if he’d hit a double? Apparently even the baseball gods know their limit.

In the bottom of the fifth, the Giants had had enough.

Brandon Crawford drew a walk to lead-off the bottom of the fifth and Kelby Tomlinson bunted a ground ball for a base hit. Angel Pagan ground out–a productive out–it moved both runners over a bag. Denard Span ground out too, but with an RBI. Joe Panik hit an RBI triple and Buster Posey doubled him home.

Suddenly, we had ourselves a ball game. And an end to the LA pitchers scoreless streak and zero ERA. After five, the score was:
Giants 3, Dodgers 4

Chris Heston pitched a hitless, scoreless, three-up, three-down sixth and the Giants with their noisy bats were quickly back in business.

Matt Duffy hit a single, Crawford followed with another single and Ehire Adrianza moved them over with a sac bunt. Pagan singled to right scoring both and the Giants took the lead. The Giants added on when Span bunted Pagan over and Pagan scored on Panik’s base hit. Buster singled scoring Panik. At the end of six, the score was:
Giants 7, LA 4

They were scoring Giants-style.

In the top of the eighth the Dodgers scored two runs, narrowing the Giants to a one-run lead. In the bottom of the inning, Gregor Blanco led-off with a base hit, Pagan followed with another base hit and Span laid down the perfect bunt single–the Dodgers went for the play at third but Blanco beat it out. Blanco scored on Panik’s single. When Hunter Pence got to the plate the bags were full. Pence unloaded on a hanging slider that landed in the bleachers for his sixth career grand slam. That left just one question: how do you like us now, LA? The final score was:
Giants 12, LA 6

Yes, we #beatLA.

Tomorrow the Dodgers come back for seconds, facing Matt Cain at 7:15 pm. The game will be televised on NBC Bay Area and on the radio at KNBR 680.

#weareSF            #weareGIANT            #letsgetEVEN

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