SF Giants the boys are back in town


I tuned in my TV an hour and a half early and started to fill out my scoresheet with the line ups. Unfortunately, for me, the channel that was broadcasting our game features the ever-popular People’s Court in the afternoon. Apparently Judge Wapner (sp?) is long gone. All I could think about was how upset it would make the Rain Man.

I’ll say this about Johnny Cueto—he can pick ‘em. Runners I mean. He picked off a runner at first in the first inning, did the same in the second inning. In the fifth, he got the ball to Belt so quickly, Darren Ford figured he had a better shot at making it to second. But the Brandons caught Ford in a run down and Cueto covered first. He was there to tag Ford out.

And if all that defense wasn’t enough, Cueto came to the plate in the bottom of the second and helped himself out with a nice little RBI base hit. Not to mention the sac bunt he hit in the fourth to move Ehire Adrianza over a base.

It was fun to watch the big team take on our prospects…the best part was I got to root for everyone. There was no bad news. I felt a little ambivalent, though, in the bottom of the third when Brandon Belt hit one over the fence. I jumped for joy. At the same time I was rooting for Gorkys Hernandez who dang near snatched that ball back into the yard.

It was also fun to watch because we are seeing our future in action, and our future looks very bright. Those prospects can play. The biggest problem we have is there aren’t many places for them to play. Such big problems—we have just a couple of openings coming up and a ton of players to fill them. I’m sure some of those prospects are going to be bargaining chips.

Doesn’t make much difference right now, though…for now they’re Giants prospects and they made us proud. With any luck we won’t need much help from them, but it’s nice to know they’re there if we need their help. (bonus points for correct usage of there, they’re, their in one sentence)

Our major leaguers made us even prouder—not only Belt hit a home run, so did Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey. Hak-Ju Lee hit one too, and even though he played with the big team this spring, last night’s home run was for the River Cats. It was a good game. Everyone looked like they were having fun. I hope they do it again next year. The final score was:

Giants 8, River Cats 4

Tonight the Giants take on the A’s at AT&T Park. The game will be televised on MLB.TV at 7:05 pm. Spread the word around, guess who’s back in town? The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town…and Samardzija’s on the mound.


#weareSF            #weareGIANT            @letsgetEVEN

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