SF Giants still practicing

imageYou know how when you look forward to something–you’re super excited, the expectation builds, you’re buzzing with anticipation and you don’t think you can stand it another minute?

No, I’m not talking about Opening Day–ask me about that later this week–I’m talking about last night’s game. I had a great weekend, don’t get me wrong–I had amazing company, the best eggs Benedict money can’t buy and a fabulous Easter. When all was said and done I was looking forward to some baseball.

I could barely wait for last night’s game. Chris Heston was scheduled to pitch and the broadcast was coming from CSN-BA, which means seeing our favorite broadcasters. All-in-all, the perfect formula for a relaxing evening watching the Giants tame the Snakes.

Sounded great, right? It wasn’t. It was ok, but great? Not even close.

Arizona scored early–a home run off the second pitch of the game–and often, putting up multiple runs in the fourth and the fifth, and they bookended it with another home run in the ninth.

The biggest excitement of the night came in the bottom of the ninth: the bases were loaded, and with only one out, Matt Duffy hit a sac fly bringing in a run and narrowing Arizona’s lead to four, but leaving the Giants with only one out to go. George Kottaras was up next, he got hit by a pitch and loaded the bags again.

Enter Jarrett Parker–a prospect with the ability to drive the ball over the fence–he represented the tying run at the plate. I scooted to the edge of my seat. The biggest problem with Parker is he’s a bit of a feast or famine kind of guy. He’s more likely to strike out than hit it out (that doesn’t make him unique, but Parker has the highest number of strike outs this spring, by far, than all the other Giants and he leads both leagues in strike outs with 23) but when his bat connected with the ball, I thought “could it? would it?”….but no, he ground out. The final score was:
Giants 3, Arizona 7

When I said I wanted Parker to hit it out, I meant out of the park. I’ll be more specific next time.

On a scale from one to ten, how disappointed was I? Oh, who am I trying to kid, I would have been happy if it was just batting practice. Wait! According to BFF Vickie, that’s exactly what it was–practice!

Be sure to tune in tonight when Clayton Blackburn and the Giants take on the Royals at 6:05 pm. The game will be broadcast on the MLB Network, on MLB.TV and on the radio at MLB.com.

#weareSF             #weareGIANT             #letsgetEVEN

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