SF Giants and the beat goes on

021816-kgo-sfgiants-spring-training-bumgarner-bochy-imgErrors, wild pitches. More errors, more wild pitches…and that was just the top of the fifth.

Wow. In case you missed yesterday’s game between the Giants and the Cubs, let me sum it up for you: WOW. At first it was exciting, then it was awful, and finally it was funny. Repeat after me: It doesn’t count. It’s just practice. C’mon, say it like you mean it.

The Cubs were the first to score, putting up a run in the top of the first. Madison Bumgarner was on the hill for the Giants. Since there’s been much ado about the Giants starting rotation, and since Bumgarner is the ace of our staff, his name has come up in the conversation. But one run…hey, it happens, not a reason to get our knickers in a twist.

When the Giants came up in the bottom of the inning, we were treated to the ESPN announcers love fest for Jake Arrieta, the NL Cy Young Award-winning Cubs pitcher. It was like, as Yogi would say, “deja vu all over again”–reminiscent of when the Giants faced Justin Verlander and the Tigers in 2012. We didn’t stand a chance. When the Giants started hitting the ball yesterday, the ESPN announcers were startled at first, then dismayed, and finally almost relieved to hear that Arrieta had a blister–that was the only plausible explanation for the Giants landing hit after hit, and scoring run after run.

The Giants put five runs on the board in the bottom of the first. Arrieta left after facing Brandon Crawford, the seventh hitter in our line up. Don’t get me wrong, I think Arrieta is a terrific pitcher–and the Cy Young trophy he has proves it–but once in awhile, I’d like to see the Giants get some credit where credit is due.

Wait…too soon? That sounds much more like a post season rant. I’ll stop now.

hunter pence th4Q2O4W02The game continued on with a hit here, a run there and included a two-run rocket Hunter Pence fired off in the fourth, scoring Buster Posey who led-off the inning with a walk. Then the Cubs came up in the top of the fifth and blew the game out of the water. At the end of the fourth, the score was:
Giants 11, Cubs 5

Javier Lopez was the first Giants pitcher on the mound in the top of the fifth. He faced six batters without getting an out, while he allowed six runs (five earned) on three hits and two walks. Manager Bruce Bochy finally threw him a lifeline and Josh Osich took over. Osich faced another six batters, allowed two runs on four hits and a walk. He struck out a batter and another ground out. He was practically skipping off the mound when Bochy replaced him with Cory Gearrin. Gearrin faced one batter and got the last out. Eight runs scored by the time the top half of the inning was over. After the fifth, the score was:
Giants 11, Cubs 13

The Giants and the Cubs traded run–scoring a little for the rest of the game, but after the bloodbath of the fifth inning I couldn’t watch. The final score was:
Giants 14, Cubs 16

I guess I should mention the incident involving Madison Bumgarner and Jason Heyward. After Bumgarner struck out Heyward, Heyward threw some stank eye toward the center of the field. Bumgarner approached the plate and, Taxi Driver style, inquired “are you talking to me?” Heyward replied, “no, we were stealing signs and the runner on second obviously gave me some bad intel, otherwise I’d be running the bases.”  Bumgarner said, “oh, ok, no problem. I can tolerate sign stealing, but giving me a  dirty look for striking you out is so not cool.”

Ok, I made up the conversation, it sounded good, though, didn’t it? I don’t know what was really said, but I do know that after the game, Bumgarner suggested the Cubs might want to use some discretion when stealing signs in the future. That’s good advice.

Don’t forget, tonight the Giants take on the Dodgers at. 7:05 pm. So far the only TV broadcast I can find is MLB.TV, unless you have SportsNet LA. If you do, I don’t know if we can be friends.

#weareSF              #weareGIANT              #letsgeteven


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