SF Giants, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose



Denard Span hit a home run in yesterday’s game against Arizona

Sometimes you do neither. Like last night’s game against the Snakes.Yesterday was a red-letter day. Which got me thinking–what does that mean? Red letter day, hmmm…no, no, no, who cares? Normally, I would go off on some tangent and look it up, but I’m not gonna fall for that one. Ha!


The reason it was a red-letter day was this: we had two games–split squads–both were televised and scheduled to begin six hours apart. Two baseball games to watch. In one day. And scheduled far enough apart that I would get to watch both. Let’s play two! I felt like I’d won the lottery.

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned I was under the weather? Well, yesterday I went from the frying pan into the fire and spiked a high fever around the fourth inning of the first game. I took my scorecard and my iPad and dragged myself off to bed. But before my head hit the pillow, I turned on the TV and tuned into the MLB.TV app on my AppleTV box.

download pence

Hunter Pence hit two home runs in yesterday’s game against Arizona

The top of the fourth inning just ended and the Giants had just narrowed the Chicago White Sox lead to one run. The White Sox roster, BTW, looks like the invitation list for an SF Giants reunion: Melky Cabrera, Hector Sanchez and Travis Ishikawa to name a few.  I put my head on the pillow, waiting for the commercial to finish, and the next thing I saw was Bruce Bochy waving good-bye after the 10th inning of Game 2. Seriously?

I missed half of the first game and all of the second game. I decided not to write about either of them because it didn’t seem to make much sense to write about them when I didn’t watch them. I kept nodding off anyway because I still had a fever when I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Here are the scores, in case you haven’t heard:

Game 1:       Giants 7, White Sox 8            Game 2:       Giants 7, Arizona 7

The fever is gone this morning. I hope that means I get to listen to the entire game.

Yes, I said listen. The game, which starts at 1:10 pm against Arizona (again?) will be broadcast on MLB.com via audio, but not on TV.

Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

#weareSF             #weareGIANT             #letsgetEVEN

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