SF Giants getting better with practice


Matt Cain chats with Amy G

I told you I was worried that pitchers were going after our guys…and the Padres did it again last night. First inning the Padres hurler dinged Joe Panik. It may seem like I’m panicking or even being paranoid, but think about the injuries our guys suffered when they were hit by pitches last year–from broken bones to concussions–it was ridiculous. I don’t want to see it happen again.

Oh, and before you jump all over me–I realize our guys got a couple of the Padres later in the game. Retaliation? I don’t know, I’m going to start watching a bit more closely, until then I’ll reserve judgment. Rant over. Until next time.

The great thing about last night’s game, ok…there were a bunch of great things…but by far the greatest was our glimpse at what some are calling our “Opening Day line up.” I hope it is, they looked great out there.

The Giants scored early and often–15 runs on 18 hits and 4 walks, and only 6 struck out. I’m not going to list each individual scoring play–but I will say this: each hitter in the starting line up scored at least one run. Four hit big flies: Brandon Crawford, a three-run HR in the first; Denard Span, a two-run HR in the second; Buster Posey, a two-run HR also in the second; Hunter Pence, a two-run HR in the fifth.

Matt Cain was the starting pitcher for the Giants. This was his first outing–not just this spring, but in a really long time. It was nice to see him. He had a really good outing–he pitched two and two-thirds innings, gave up three earned runs (one home run) on seven hits and three walks while striking out one. He was the winning pitcher in last night’s contest.

When it came to offense, Cain gave as good as he got. He wasn’t going to sit idly by and let his teammates have all the fun. He scored a run, had a couple of nice base hits and an RBI. Giddy Up! The Horse is on his way back.

The final score was:

Giants 15, Padres 6

It was a lot of fun to watch–the offense was unstoppable and the defense did a great job, turning double plays and getting under the fly balls.

Keep up the good practice, guys.

Don’t forget today’s game at 1:05 pm. Right now Madison Bumgarner is scheduled to pitch against Oakland and the game will be broadcast on CSN-BA and KNBR 680.

#weareSF #weareGIANT #letsgetEVEN

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