SF Giants: it’s just practice


Johnny Cueto has contusion after being hit by a comebacker

One of my favorite jokes is the old, “excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the reply, naturally, is…practice!

“Of course these games don’t count…why even keep score?” John Miller to Dave Flemming, KNBR 680 broadcast, March 14, 2016. Sounds like something BFF Vickie would say. But we do keep score, and even though these games don’t count, we keep track of them anyway. No matter how many games we win or lose, the Giants will make it to AT&T Park–and we will be there. Gladly.

Oh, what a difference a day makes. Sunday night I was bragging to anyone who would listen about how the Giants had the Friars praying for a hit or a run, an error even. Then the A’s came along and had the Giants on their knees.

Part of the time I listened to our broadcast on KNBR and part of the game I watched the broadcast on the A’s CSN station, CSN-CA. I can’t say I was thrilled with the televised broadcast. The A’s announcers—Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse—kept talking about how sloppy the Giants were playing and how great the A’s were doing. Talk about broadcaster bias. One time, ok. Two times, kind of obnoxious. But every inning? Come on, enough already. They gushed so much I was starting to feel nauseated.

Johnny Cueto was the starting pitcher for the Giants. He lasted three innings. Here’s the scary thing: the first batter Cueto faced was Billy Burns who hit a comebacker that knocked Cueto to the ground and turned into a double. Turns out the ball hit Cueto in the head. He stayed in the game–in the first inning he gave up three runs, all earned, one a home run, on three hits. He struck out a batter, the next two outs were ground outs. In the second inning he struck out one batter, allowed one base hit and  in the third he allowed a double and gave up a walk.

After coming out of the game, Cueto was taken to the hospital because of the team concussion protocol. According to Henry Schulman, @hankschulman-Giants beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle-manager Bruce Bochy says Johnny Cueto is ok, but they will monitor him for the next couple of days.

Speaking of injuries, word on the street is Matt Cain will make his spring debut on Friday, Henry Schulman reported Monday, March 14, 2016. According to Schulman, Bruce Bochy said of Cain “He’s good to go, he passed all the tests. It was a good session for him. It went very well.” Schulman also reported that this “somewhat increases the chances Cain can build enough arm strength and pitch count to take his first scheduled regular-season turn against the Dodgers on April 8.” I hope so because my niece Megan (San Francisco Gamer Babe pro) has tickets—she is taking her Dodger fan dad—and I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. We’ll be expecting a full report and pictures.

matt-duffy-2016spring-apAnyway, back to Monday night’s game. The A’s crushed three home runs, two were three-run homers. But the Giants weren’t completely scoreless: Matt Duffy led off the fourth with a solo home run for the Giants. Conor Gillaspie scored a run in the fifth with a lead-off single, he advanced to second on a wild pitch and scored on Gorkys Hernandez’s triple to center field.

In the ninth inning, Ryan Lollis led off by taking first after he was hit by a pitch, moved to second on Trevor Brown’s base hit, advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on pinch-hitter Austin Slater’s groundout to second.

Unfortunately, the A’s scored more. The final score was:

Giants 3, A’s 10

The Giants aren’t playing today—Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:


Date Opps Time TV broadcast Radio broadcast
Wednesday, March 16 @Seattle 1:10 PM MLB.TV MLB.com
Thursday, March 17 @San Diego 7:10 PM MLB.TV, MLBN KNBR 680
Friday, March 18 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM NBC Bay Area, MLB.TV MLB.com
Saturday, March 19 vs. Oakland 1:05 PM CSN-BA, MLB.TV KNBR 680

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