SF Giants take a fall, make that two


The Giants had split squads today, which meant I had a decision to make–which game to watch? I made the decision based on broadcasting: both games were on MLB.TV, but one game was on CSN-BA. Sweet! I’ll take Kruk and Kuip over another broadcaster any day of the week.

Except Kuip was “on assignment.” What does that even mean? Ok, I’ll take Kruk and Miller…they are good together, just not the same as Kruk and Kuip. Except my cable took a powder around the top of the fifth. So I watched the MLB.TV version on my iPad. Turned out they were broadcasting the Kruk and Miller verion too.

So my biggest worry turned into: what if the other game turns out to be a better game? I shouldn’t have worried. I checked out the highlights–both games had the same results. The Giants lost both games with the same exact score. How strange is that? The final scores were:

Giants 5, Arizona 9               Giants 5, Angels 9

I was planning to recap the games, but I’m not feeling it today. I am sitting here trying to think of something clever to say instead…unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. I will say this: a bad day at baseball is better than a good day doing just about anything else. Not only that, tomorrow is another day and that’s the good news. See you then!

#weareSF            #weareGIANT            #letsgetEVEN

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