SF Giants give Reds a “real” run for the money

MLB: San Francisco Giants-Workout

Feb 19, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Javier Lopez (49) talks with manager Bruce Bochy during spring training workouts at Scottsdale Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I know BFF Vickie says “it’s just practice” and “it doesn’t count.” See, the thing is, last night’s game between Cincinnatti and San Francisco felt plenty real to me. And I’d betcha a cool $$$million   our prospects feel like it counts, if for no other reason than it could mean a job for them after they break camp.

Last night’s game had all the makings of a real game–that’s for certain. There were strike outs, pop-ups, wild pitches and hit batters. They hit into double plays, got some extra base hits and even managed to score some runs. But the thing that made it real for me…two things actually: Kruk and Kuip were announcing, and it was televised. Just a little slice of heaven right here on earth, am I right?

There were many, many reasons that watching last night’s game was a great idea–without even mentioning the fact that our top prospect crushed one over the left field fence. Didn’t I just tell all of you that we should keep an eye on this guy? And he wasn’t the only home run hitter. Jarrett Parker, another one of the Giants amazing prospects, hit a two-out, two run homer earlier in the game.

If nothing else, these prospects are giving Manager Bruce Bochy lots to think about.

How many of you Giants fans recognized one of the Reds middle relievers? He used to be a Giants starter, no less. Remember Jonathan Sanchez?  When he was with the Giants, he pitched a no-hitter against San Diego in July 2009. Looks like Sanchez is trying to stage a comeback.

The problem with Sanchez–he is more likely to walk an opponent than strike one out. His control issues plagued him so much that the Giants traded him to Kansas City in 2011. We got an outfielder in exchange–a guy named Melky Cabrera. I know the story didn’t end well, but I still say we got the better end of that deal.

After getting bounced around the league a few times, Sanchez left baseball when he was let go by the Cubs in July 2014 . He still has control issues. He popped back up when signed on for a minor league contract with the Reds in January. Last night he pitched an inning and two-thirds, faced 12 hitters from his former team and gave up five runs on four hits and four walks–although he did strike one batter out.

The Giants offense was busy last night–almost every player on the Giants line up put up a run, a hit, or an RBI. Ironically, the exception was our DH–Brandon Crawford. He didn’t get any runs or hits and not a single RBI. Still, he drew two walks.

Kelby Tomlinson and Andrew Susac scored three runs a piece; while Christian Arroyo and Joe  Panik could lay claim to two each.

It was an exciting, high scoring game and I’m sure plenty of Cincinnati fans went to bed last night very happy that it’s “just practice” and “it doesn’t count.”


Mac Williamson takes a big swing

Yeah, sure–technically it doesn’t count–but I suspect Christian Arroyo, Jarrett Parker, Rando Moreno, Mac WIlliamson and all the other prospects are giving Bruce Bochy migraines in some form or another.

It’s ok Skip…they’re just practicing.

Final score:   Giants 16, Reds 7

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