SF Giants dinged up by the Rockies

cueto 03.09

Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto had a rough first inning wearing the orange and black. But, to be fair, he’s kinda behind. While others in the starting rotation have seen a few innings already, today was Cueto’s first venture on the mound this spring. I vote we cut him some slack and hold off judgment. We’ve seen him pitch before and this outing was not indicative of the kind of work he usually produces.

This afternoon’s game between the Rockies and the Giants started off pretty ugly, no doubt about it. But our bats started to wake up and when they did, they kept going for a little while. It was nice to see Brandon Crawford in his regular position—I get the feeling Crawford isn’t the type to sit patiently by while the rest of the guys play. Either way it was nice to see him in the line-up.

Today’s game was all about the strike out. San Francisco’s pitching staff allowed a total of eight runs on twelve hits and two walks. The strike outs put a stop to the Rockies scoring streak. The first handful of Giants pitchers faced several Rockies hitters, although Adalberto Mejia bucked the trend with a three up-three down third inning. Samuel Coonrod faced four hitters in the sixth, striking out two and followed that by striking out two of three in the seventh; Braulio Lara struck out two of the three hitters he faced in the eighth and Ray Black fanned two of three hitters in the ninth. Giants pitchers faced 37 Rockies total, striking out 14.

Until the fifth, Giants hitters didn’t have a chance to catch the Rockies, but the Giants put up four runs after going all the way around their line up with mostly base hits and walks in the top of the fifth. The Rockies responded with two more runs in the bottom of the fifth, but the Giants took them back in the seventh.

Final score: Giants 6, Rockies 8

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to MLB.TV at noon to catch the Giants at Brewers. According to a post by Chris Haft of MLB.com @sfgiantsbeat, rookie Chris Stratton will be the starting pitcher for the Giants.

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