Giants may say TTFN to Timmy

27batslive12-popupTime to say “Ta-Ta for now” to Timmy?

Is been a busy off season for the Giants front office. The big shots picked up a couple of starting rotation pitchers and an award winning center fielder, putting Giants fans’ collective minds to rest–for the most part–about our pitching staff and our outfield.

But what many Giants fans are still anxious about is: “what’s going to happen to Timmy?” The two-time Cy Young award winning pitcher and former staff ace–affectionately referred to as “The Freak” for his, well, for lack of a better word, freaky pitching style–Tim Lincecum, is a free agent.

Some fans think it’s time to stick a fork in him–according to them, he’s done. But, make no mistake, there are plenty of fans who don’t want to see Timmy go. Not only is he a home-grown Giant, but he’s been around almost as long as our beloved skipper and let’s face it: he’s a huge fan favorite.

According to an article written by Chris Haft, @sfgiantsbeat ( there isn’t a place for Timmy in the starting rotation. He wrote:

“Giants vice president of baseball operations Brian Sabean acknowledged the likelihood of Lincecum’s departure from the organization and the angst it’s causing. Sabean held out the flickering possibility of welcoming back Lincecum as a reliever, admitting that the hurler’s return to the Giants would be a “fallback” position.”

Many of us remember–with a mixture of dismay and pride–the 2012 post season when Timmy moved from the starting rotation to the bullpen. I remember being torn–after all, Timmy was still Timmy, but he wasn’t pitching like the Cy Young winner we’d come to know and love. That was the dismay.

The pride came when Timmy put aside his pride and took one–actually five–for the team. He was our not-so-secret weapon. In the 2012 post season, he made a total of five appearances in 13 innings, allowing only three hits and one run while striking out 17. In the dictionary under “good sport” there should be a picture of Tim Lincecum.

But Timmy is a starter, and he’s looking for a team that can use him in their rotation. As a child of the 70’s, I recognize the adage “if you love someone set them free.” I guess that applies to Timmy and we have to let him go. What else can we do? It’s not like we can take up a collection and pay his salary ourselves.

Lincecum is going to put on a showcase for interested teams this spring. Perhaps there’s a GM out there who will like what he sees. But maybe, just maybe, he’ll find the bullpen is where he belongs now and Sabean will give him a shot–after all, there’s no place like home.


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