San Francisco Giants: and the winner is…

for lifeUs!

I have been working on a post I tentatively titled “what’s cooking on the hot stove for the Giants?” but let’s face it–I don’t know from shinola who the Giants should pick up, if they should look for a free agent–there’s 139 out there to choose from–or see about a trade. What I do know is this: as far as trades are concerned, we don’t have much to work with–I can’t think of anyone I want the big shots to send packing. Call me sentimental, but I like the team we have so far, I just thing we need to add a couple of players here and there. There are a couple of other things I know, and they’re pretty basic and fairly general.

We need a utility. We got caught without one when they cut Joaquin Arias loose, and he would have provided some depth to our infield. After he left, Joe Panik’s back went out, Brandon Belt went on the concussion DL and Brandon Crawford landed on the DL after being hit by a pitch. All spots Arias has stepped up to cover in the past. I think they should bring him back. He’s a good Giant, and he’s helped us more than he’s hurt us. Not only that–he has Clayton Kershaw’s number. That’s a good thing.

We need another outfielder. The Giants declined the options for both Nori Aoki and Marlon Byrd. I would have liked to keep Aoki around–that guy made Martha Stewart look like a piker when it came to table setting. He’s good. Maybe the Giants want to keep him, just not for the $$$ amount on his option. We’ll see.

What we have ain’t bad, in fact, some are pretty good: Hunter Pence will hopefully be healthy and back on the roster; we still have Gregor Blanco–that’s a kid with a lot of heart; and Angel Pagan–if he can stay healthy–is a good center fielder. But according to a post in The McCovey Chronicles, Pagan came in number 1 on the list of  Giants having their worst season ever based on WAR (number 1 is the absolute worst) for his 2015 season. The list included all Giants since, well…forever.

outfield 2It should be noted that Number 2 (second worst) on the list was Edgar Renteria for his 2009 season. Anyone remember what he did in 2010? No? Well, I’ll tell you–all he did in 2010 was win the 2010 World Series MVP. I think it’s safe to say that players can have a bad year, or even a bad couple of years and still come back to make a great contribution. I think it’s safe to say I’m not quite ready to write Angel Pagan off. We still need some help in the outfield.

Having said that, there are a few outfield free agents that I wouldn’t mind seeing in orange and black: Chris Denorfia–he’s always been able to hit off our pitchers, so I’d rather have him with us than against us; Will Venable–his dad was a good Giant, he could be too–a legacy; Yoenis Cespedes–yeah, yeah, I know, he’s probably looking for a big chunk of change, but I think he’s worth it. He didn’t do so well in the WS, but I think maybe he liked it better here in sunny California. Maybe New York was too cold for him.

Pitchers–we need some. Badly. We need starters and relievers. How’s that for a firm grasp on the obvious? I don’t know from WHIP or WAR, but I know what we don’t need: a superstar. We need good solid, reliable pitchers–not prima donnas with astronomical price tags. I don’t feel qualified to speculate about who, what, where and why. I know when, though–now! We need to lock down someone ASAP, before all the good ones are taken.

Just my opinion, but we’ve got ourselves a pretty good group of guys, we’re just missing a couple of key players. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any other news.

buster bum 2Speaking of our pretty good group of guys–some of them are looking mighty precious: Brandon Crawford is worth his weight in gold and silver, he won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award for 2015. In addition, this year Buster Posey won another Silver Slugger Award as did his battery-mate, Madison Bumgarner. Matt Duffy is among the final three in contention for Rookie of the Year. Buster Posey received the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award for catcher–an award based solely on a specific SABR metric formula. The award is given to the “best of the best” for defensive play at their position.

Those are just the awards that have names, but as far as I’m concerned, all our guys are winners, and there is no doubt…


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