New York Mets give Kansas City a “royal” beating in Game 3


Doug, one of my favorite Mets fans


Noah Syndergaard “Thor”

Finally! After losing twice to Kansas City—the first game was a close one, but the second game was a total beat-down—the Mets played like the team that kicked the Cubs to the curb in just four games, taking the NL pennant with them. I was starting to worry we weren’t going to see those guys again. But they came out swinging in Game 3.

I’m happy because I’m rooting for the Mets, but mostly I’m happy for my cousin Brandon and my friend Doug–aka JD’s dad. As a Giants fan, I know what it feels like to be two games behind Kansas City in the Fall Classic. I didn’t want to see them go three games back. It gets exponentially harder to overcome.

Kansas City drew first blood with a single run in the top of the first. But the Mets weren’t having any of it. They sent Curtis Granderson–aka “The Grandy Man”–out to set the the table as the lead-off hitter in the bottom half of the inning. The Mets captain, David Wright followed up with a high fly home run to center field, giving the Mets a one-run lead. Kansas City turned right around in the top of the second and put two more runs on the board–giving them the one-run lead.


Juan Uribe and David Wright

The Mets put up with that for about a New York minute–with a repeat of the two-run homer they scored with in the first, with a couple of minor differences. In the bottom of the third, the Mets pitcher, Noah Syndergaard–aka Thor–was the lead-off hitter with a single, and the Grandy Man hit the home run this time, giving the Mets the lead. Again.

The Mets scored another run in the fourth, widening the lead to two runs, but it was the sixth inning that put to rest any doubts about which team would get the “W” for this game. Former Giant Juan Uribe–one of the best clutch hitters to come through the Giants clubhouse–kicked off a sixth inning deluge with an RBI single. Three more runs scored after that. placing the game even further out of Kansas City’s reach. The final score was: Mets 9, Royals 3


Ernie-one of my favorite Giants fans

The Mets have a win under their belt-they just need to finish it off with three more. I know they can do it, they’ve done it before. In 1986 the Mets went up against the Red Sox, losing the first two games–but they won the third. Sound familiar? It gets even weirder–the run differentials are exactly the same: the Mets lost Game 1 by one run, Game 2 by six runs and won Game 3 with a six-run lead. If history is going to repeat itself, tonight the Mets need to win by four runs. But I don’t care about that. Just a simple win…one run will do.

Last year, the Giants won Game 4 with a seven-run difference, Giants 11, Royals 4. I know, I know–that was then, this is now, not only that, but…


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