San Francisco Giants fans…who are we rooting for?

imageThe San Francisco Giants aren’t in the post-season. I know, go ahead and call me Captain Obvious. Just so you know, while I’m a die-hard Giants fan, I’m also a baseball fan. Always have been, always will be. Which means, even though our guys are out of the running, and the Dodgers have been eliminated (I follow the Dodgers based on the theory that you keep your friends close, your enemies closer) I’m still watching baseball.

You might wonder which team I’m rooting for—there are four right now to choose from. The American League teams are the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals. Rooting for Kansas City seems counter-intuitive, not so very long ago they were the Giants arch enemy. But BFF Vickie said no way are we rooting for the Canucks, so I guess it’s the Royals by default.

Doug & Anne-Marie...He's New York, she's San Francisco

Doug & Anne-Marie…He’s New York, she’s San Francisco

But which National League team? That one is a little tougher because we spend the entire season on the opposing side of both these teams. I haven’t heard any compelling arguments for the Mets, except I’m partial to a couple of big-time Mets fans–my cousin Brandon is (one day I’m going to ask him how that came about) and Doug, a native New Yorker, who is married to one of my favorite people on the planet (and she is definitely an SFGiants gamer babe). Maybe not the most compelling argument for the aMazins, but what can I say? Brandon is family and I respect and really like Doug (not only that, he’s JD’s dad–that’s a big plus) those things count for a lot.

There are some who say they are rooting for the Cubs because it has been 107 years since the Cubs have prevailed in the Fall Classic. Giants fans know what it’s like to go without winning the World Series for a very long time, and Cubs fans have our sympathy–to a certain degree. I haven’t forgotten the fact that Chicago pitchers are responsible for taking some of our key players out of the game for a big chunk of the season, whether intentionally or not. First there was Hunter Pence, who got dinged on the arm, breaking it, before he even got out of spring training; then there was Nori Aoki who got drilled in the head in mid-August and spent the last few weeks of the season on and off the concussion DL.

BFF Vickie and her daughter Zoe. You can see that she is raising Zoe right

BFF Vickie and her daughter Zoe. You can see that she is raising Zoe right

There’s also that whole Back to the Future II thing to consider. It is kinda neat that the guy who wrote the movie predicted a Cubs WS win in 2015.  Another factor to consider: BFF Vickie is married to a guy from Chicago. He’s a White Sox fan, but they’re not in it, so naturally he’s going to root for the other Chicago team. I just can’t make up my mind. I guess the real truth is that none of them are Giants and I just can’t drum up feelings for any of them one way or another.

The American League teams have two games under their belts. The Royals won both–at home. It’s a best of seven series–the next three games (two for sure, three if necessary) will be played in Toronto. The final two games, if needed, will be in Kansas City.

imageThe Mets and Cubs played their first game at Citi Field on Saturday. The Mets won. They will play Game 2 at Citi Field on Sunday and travel to Chicago for the next three games at Wrigley, starting Tuesday. They’ll go back to New York to play the last two (again, only if needed).

See what I mean? I had to keep kicking myself to stay awake while I wrote that. It’s tough to conjure up enthusiasm when the outcome doesn’t really matter to us Giants fans. So I figured out a way to get enthused.

I asked myself “which team do I want to see (theoretically speaking) hand the World Series championship right back to the Giants, where it belongs?” It ain’t much, but it’s all I’ve got. Like I said, hard to drum up the passion because they’re not Giants and…


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