San Francisco Giants Gamer Babe: there’s no place like home

smart.women.giantAfter spending the majority of the 2015 season writing a blog post for the fan-based Around the Foghorn on Fansided, I decided to take my blog back to  The guys at Fansided have been great‒especially David Hill and Matt Connolly. Consummate professionals‒they gave me a lot of good advice and a great experience. They were kind, patient and very understanding. Still, I decided to head back to my roots and generate my blog from my own website again. If you are subscribing to Fansided, stay with it, they’re still going to bring you Giants news, insight and analysis‒they’ve been at this a whole lot longer than I have. Just like when I was contributor to Around the Foghorn, you’ll have my wit and charm along with their wisdom and experience…you can’t miss!

Like Dorothy from Kansas, I have to agree‒there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. It’s good to be back. The place looks the same. Maybe I’ll do some decorating this off season.

In the meantime, let’s talk about what we’re going to talk about. I probably won’t post every day until the guys get to playing again‒but I’ll try to let you know when I hear of any news, changes or interesting things happening. Feel free to email me if you hear of something. Also, because it’s my website and I control the content‒as much as any human being controls anything on this planet‒I would love it if you’d send your pictures, stories, news‒anything Giant. You can always email me at or leave a message in the comments.

My friend Kandy at a game in Colorado, check the picture below…Kandy and her husband are phenomenal Giants fans.

For the time being, I’m going to keep my eye on the post-season. We’re down to the two teams in each league battling for their pennants. Friday’s game will be all about the American League as the Toronto Blue Jays meet up with the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. Weren’t we just there?

Saturday the National League starts its final run for the pennant‒the Chicago Cubs will try to take a bite out of the big apple when they go up against the Mets at Citi Field. The Cubs are really hungry for this win, but they have to go through the Mets to get to the Fall Classic and that’s not going to be easy.

The Mets and the Dodgers met up to decide which team would get to play for the league championship. It took all five games of the five game series to come up with the winning team. This post-season has been like that so far‒in three of the four division play-off series it’s come down to the fifth game. The only team that took their series in four games was the Cubs, they lost just one game in the division play-off against the Cardinals.

While Kandy got ready for the game, her husband was out making new friends

While Kandy got ready for the game, her husband was out making new friends

But enough about that‒let’s talk about how the Mets beat the Dodgers. It wasn’t easy.

Game 1 was in LA because the Dodgers had home field advantage. They finished the regular season with 92 wins and the Mets finished with 90 wins. Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers ace, who has historically been beleaguered in the post-season, was going to get a chance at redeeming his post-season reputation with a win. That was the plan. But you know what they say about plans, right? You know…the best laid plans of mice and men…

Kershaw wasn’t able to get the job done in his first start against the Mets, but he managed to get a win for his second start (Game 4). Add that to the one the Dodgers already had on the board (Game 2), and with the Mets two wins (Games 1 and 3) it forced Game 5‒back in LA where the aMazins would have to face Zack Greinke. And Greinke is pretty tough to beat.

thmets5TWUM8D3The good news is the Mets had Jacob DeGrom, who is one of their best starters‒yes, I said one of…there is no shortage of quality arms in the Mets bullpen and rotation‒and even though he didn’t have his best stuff working, he managed to keep the Dodgers from running away with the game. And although Greinke is tough to beat, he is not completely unbeatable. The Mets proved that Thursday, when they beat the Dodgers. Some of it might have been a touch of luck, mostly it was about good baseball instincts, the long ball and Daniel Murphy.

The game started when the Mets lead-off guy, Curtis Granderson, reached on a single that was initially called an out. The Mets challenged the call and, it turns out, the Grandy Man beat the throw to first. Baseball really is a game of inches, like Branch Rickey said. Granderson scored when Murphy, the Mets second baseman roped a double to left field. The Dodgers scored two runs in their half of the inning.

Murphy scored a run in the fourth‒he hit a single and advanced to second when his teammate drew a walk. Murphy stole third when the Dodgers weren’t looking and they failed to cover the base. He scored on his teammates sac fly‒that was caught in foul territory. Game tied.

San Francisco Giants Gamer Babes

San Francisco Giants Gamer Babes

Murphy gave the Mets the lead with a home run in the sixth. The game ended before another Dodger could cross home plate.  The final score was: Mets 3, LA 2. The Dodgers are done for the year, and the aMazins are at home getting ready to take on the Cubs.

So, it’s just you and me guys. Nobody here but us chickens. But we’re Giants fans. You can’t beat that. Not even with a stick. Especially if you’re wearing Dodger blue. #WeAreGiant.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Giants Gamer Babe: there’s no place like home

  1. Kandas Vaccarezza says:

    I always love your postings no matter where you post them……glad to see you following your gut! Cant wait to read the next one………It kind of feels like it’s going to be a long off season…boohoo! I’m so glad I don’t have to watch another Dodger Game for a while! But those Cub’s (I don’t like them either) are killing me! This playoff season is going to feel long, watching the cub’s! But your right #WeAreGiant Kandy >


    • Thanks, Kandy! I’m so glad you read this one, especially since it features the Giants #1 fan, and you! and, BTW…it is going to be a loooong off-season, hopefully the front office will give me something to talk about!


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