San Francisco Giants All∗Star Voting: GOTV

imageIf you read my pre-game posts, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’m encouraging voting for our San Francisco Giants to play in the All∗Star Game—#VoteSFG. I urge everyone to vote early and vote often. I’m not kidding. This is like Chicago—back in the bad ol’ days when the crooks ran the city. Back then everyone had a vote or two—including the folks residing at Graceland and Rosehill Cemetaries.

The city bosses could have learned a thing or two from MLB All∗Star voting. It just requires an email address? And every email address gets 35 votes? I’m in! The catch here, you know, because there’s always a catch—it has to be a real, actual, valid email address. No prob—I’ve got about six my own self. Here’s what’s happening in the All∗Star voting: the fans of other teams are working their voting levers and hanging chads—while we Giants fans play fair and vote our 35 vote limit. The time for that is over. When you consider the National League All∗Star team manager is our very own skipper—Bruce Bochy—it is the responsibility of every good Giants fan to vote early and vote often. Give Boch something he can work with.image

Should I encourage ballot box stuffing? Normally, I would say no, but this is an attempt to level the playing field. I’m encouraging voting for the San Francisco Giants. Are the San Francisco Giants an All∗Star worthy team?  Of course they are—they’re the World Series Champions. You can take that to the bank—or better yet, your nearest MLB ballot box.

ICYMI—All∗Star voting is simple. Go to or click on the link below for your esurance All∗Star ballot. Use all your email addresses, your wife’s or husband’s, your kids, your grandma’s…you get the picture. The thing is this: if the ballot boxes are going to get stuffed, they should be stuffed with players who deserve to be there.

imageThe San Francisco Giants.

#VoteSFG click here

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