The Giants new catchphrase  #letsgetODD

The Giants new catchphrase #letsgetODD

The Giants rally cry this year is Let’s Get Odd–#letsgetODD, right? Well, this past weekend the Giants got odd alright–real odd. I’m not talking about odd, as in the opposite of even–like our rally cry, or about the odds used in relation to probabilities or ratios–you know, like the odds they use in betting or games of chance. I’m not even talking about the lone sock that is left over when you take your clothes out of the dryer–and you know a complete pair went in–but we’re getting closer because I’m talking about ODD–the strange and unusual, the weird and wacky. That kind of odd.

Gregor scores when the Reds pitcher balks

Gregor scores when the Reds pitcher balks

It all started Thursday night. Thursday night’s game was a lot like March–you know the old saying–“in like a lion, out like a lamb”? The Giants came on like gangbusters Thursday night–Gregor led off the 1st inning with a base hit and scored from 3rd on Buster’s line drive to CF. In the 3rd, with Buster at the plate and Blanco on 3rd–again–the Reds pitcher, Johnny Cueto, came set twice–a balk, and the base runners were awarded a base. Blanco scored on Cueto’s balk, and I awarded Cueto an RBI on my score card–a run balked in. The Reds scored a run in the 4th and 2 in the 5th, taking the lead. The Giants tried to spark a rally in the 8th–Joe Panik launched a rocket to LF for a triple and came home on Angel Pagan’s RBI single–tying the score, but the Reds hit a solo shot in the 8th to re-gain the lead and win the game.

The pitcher's mound in Cincinnati gave Lincecum some trouble

The pitcher’s mound in Cincinnati gave Lincecum some trouble

Timmy had a rough time. His pitching wasn’t really that bad, but he stumbled off the mound after throwing a couple of times and spent a lot of time digging the mud out of his cleats. With a fork. He just didn’t look comfortable out there. Buster did ok with the wild pitches–but he had some trouble with crazy bat action. During his plate appearance in the 6th, his bat splintered when he hit the ball and a big chunk dinged both the Reds catcher and the umpire and they had to call in the trainers. Personally, I think they should have given Buster a stand-up double. The final score was:

Giants 3, Reds 4

Celebrating McGehee's RBI

Celebrating McGehee’s RBI

Speaking of odd–or odds–what do you suppose are the odds that the 2nd game in Houston and the first game in Cincinnati would finish in the exact same way? Back-to-back 4-3 losses for the Giants with a solo shot in the 8th to give the opposing team the W? I don’t know what the odds are, but I’ll tell you this–I think it’s a little unusual. My husband said–“that’s just baseball”.

Friday night’s game was a bloodbath–a Reds bloodbath. After letting 2 different opposing teams walk away with a 1 run ball game 2 nights in a row, the Giants weren’t having it again. Time to nip these losses in the bud–before they turned into a streak. They ended up cutting down the whole tree. Brandon Belt got hot–and he hit his first HR of the season, Justin Maxwell continued to heat up while Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford added more ‘R’s to their RBI collections. Odd? Well, not really–unless you want to talk about the scoring. The score went like this: 3 runs in the 1st inning, 3 runs in the 3rd inning, 3 runs in the 5th–you do see the odd numbers, right? The Giants scored 1 more run–another odd number–but this time it was in the 8th inning. It also gave them their first double digit score of the season.

Casey McGehee--have the Giants fans given him a chance to show us what he can do?

Casey McGehee–have the Giants fans given him a chance to show us what he can do?

Casey McGehee has been much maligned since signing on with the team. He is the Giant that some Giants fans love to hate this year. You’ve seen it happen before–they come in cycles–remember when Barry Zito’s arm went south? Fans called him all kinds of names and talked about how awful he was– on Twitter and FaceBook, the usual social media outlets. It got so bad–Zito quit using social media. The same thing is happening to Casey McGehee–his BA has taken a nosedive and right now he is the tote board leader in the DP Derby–but they love him in Cincinnati. Yeah! He’s finally getting a little recognition. I mean, the Reds set up those smoke stacks to honor one of their players–a pitcher when he strikes out a hitter, or when one of their hitters hit a HR. But Friday night those smoke stacks–well, just the one actually–lit up for Casey McGehee like it was the 4th of July. And he didn’t even hit a HR–but he did get an RBI for his base hit–way to go, Casey. Odd, sure–but odd is kind of our thing right now.

Brandon Belt hit 3 back-to-back HRs

Brandon Belt hit 3 back-to-back HRs

Speaking of odd–back to Brandon Belt’s 1st HR of the season. No, the fact that he hit a HR isn’t odd. The fact that it’s his 1st HR of the season isn’t that wacky–he’s been in a bit of a funk a couple of times and it’s still pretty early. The odd part came off the crack of the bat–and only for those of us watching the CSN Bay Area broadcast. Kuiper starts his home run call at the crack of the bat–you know the one I’m talking about–“He hits it high. He hits it deep. IT. IS. OUTTAHERE!” This time Kuip said: “high drive…foul. Down the right field line and out of play…GONE! It went over the foul pole and it’s a 3 run home run for Brandon Belt.” Strangest damn HR call I’ve ever heard. Oh! And Bumgarner pitched. He was great. Nothing weird about that. The final score was:

GIANTS 10, Reds 2

Crawford leads all MLB shortstops in RBIs. Hitting a grand slam is one way to get there

Crawford leads all MLB shortstops in RBIs. Hitting a grand slam is one way to get there

Saturday’s game was more of the same–another blood red Reds blood bath. Say that 5 times fast. For the 2nd game in a row, Brandon Belt kicked off his at bats with a HR. I like it–it sounds like a good way to start a game.  Anybody want to hazard a guess which steak Brandon Crawford likes best? I’d say–based on Saturday’s game–rib eyes, of course. He served up a career-high 6 RBIs–no doubt his grand slam in the 5th helped. Oh, and what was even more exciting–well, for you and me anyway, the Brandons might argue–Hunter Pence is back! It was great to see him in the line-up again–and he got right back into the swing of things–he drew a walk and got himself a couple of hits,  a single and a double–and scored each time. Vogelsong pitched a gem–and it wasn’t a strange or weird game–unless you want to count back-to-back double digit scoring games won by the Giants. Personally, I’d like that to be the rule rather than the exception. The final score was:

He's baaack!! If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! The applause is deafening

He’s baaack!! If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! The applause is deafening

Giants 11, Reds 2

Sunday’s game was like the 2010 season–pure torture. Honestly? I couldn’t wait for it to end. But nothing really odd happened, and to tell you the truth, I’m over the “odd” theme already. So let’s just get to the game. To start off, the game was delayed for rain early–in the top of the 2nd. Chris Heston was on the mound for the Giants and he’s had some really good outings. He’s had a couple of hiccups, but mostly he’s been just terrific. He got roughed up a little during this outing–who knows? It may be the length of the delay–24 minutes–shook him a little. He gave up 5 earned runs on 7 hits and 2 walks.  Bochy had to get into his bullpen way  earlier than he likes–Petit ate up 3 innings in relief and gave up a couple more runs. Then Bochy started doing his match-up stuff–trading pitchers in and out based on who was up next.

I vote for Brandon Belt to hit a HR in every game--who's with me?

I vote for Brandon Belt to hit a HR in every game–who’s with me?

The guys did a helluva job on offense–scoring 9 runs on 16 hits and 4 walks. Nori Aoki led in RBIs for the night with 3, Brandon Crawford added another RBI to has ever-growing total, and Hunter Pence scored his first HR of the season. Ok, one more odd, then I’ll stop–the game winning run? You betcha–it was another solo shot in the 8th–only this time off a Giants bat–Brandon Belt’s bat. Whaddya say we make that a tradition? An odd one, sure, but like I keep saying–#letsgetODD !!!  The final score was:

Giants 9, Reds 8

Hot topic: the hot corner

Hot topic: the hot corner

There seems to be a lot of guessing, speculating, suggesting and even insisting that the powers that be replace McGehee with Matt Duffy as our every day 3rd baseman. I’m not going to pretend to know the answers, I’m not going to presume to give my opinion–for what it’s worth–about how the PTB, that stands for “powers that be” should handle the hot issue at the hot corner. I’m a Giants fan. Casey is a Giant. Matt Duffy is a Giant–I’m rooting for both of them. To do well. Always.

Oh, and I checked–my opinion on the open market? It goes for about the same $$$ amount as a stick of gum. Used.

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