You Can’t Win Them All

Michael Morse in a

Michael Morse in a “mini ring ceremony” with Bruce Bochy, Larry Baer

It was great to see our superhero, Michael Morse. Some of the time, the rest of the time? Not so much. He hasn’t been swinging the bat all that well lately–at least he wasn’t until he got to San Francisco–suddenly he’s Babe frickin’ Ruth.

The GIANTS give Morse a hero's welcome.

The GIANTS give Morse a hero’s welcome.

Thursday night’s game followed an abbreviated ring ceremony where Bruce Bochy and Larry Baer presented Michael Morse with his well-deserved WS Bling. Remember when I suggested a nightly “ring ceremony” of sorts to inspire the guys? I meant for it to inspire our current guys. Much as I love Michael Morse–and I think he’s great–he’s no longer one of our guys. He’s an ex. And we all know the key to a good relationship with an ex–be civil, be friendly–but for god’s sake, don’t give him anything. I’ll go so far as to say we can root for him–but only when he’s playing against another team, like the Dodgers. Not us, though–I’m not rooting for him against the GIANTS. Hell, he probably doesn’t even root for himself against the GIANTS–he loves San Francisco that much. Apparently the mini ring ceremony idea backfired–it did more to inspire the Marlins. In the 7th inning, Buster scored when Maxwell hit a SAC fly and Brandon Belt scored on Matt Duffy’s double. Otherwise it was all about the fish. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Marlins 7

Karen and Duane enjoy Orange Friday at The Yard.

Karen and Duane enjoy Orange Friday at The Yard.

Orange Friday–ahhhh, that’s more like it! My BFF Vickie and her husband took Vickie’s brother and sister-in-law to the game–and although she doesn’t go to The Yard often, Karen sported her colors–a true Gamer Babe.

Timmy pitched a solid 6–he gave up just 3 hits and 3 walks, but NO runs–plus he struck out 8. Petit pitched brilliantly in the last 3 innings–giving up NO hits, NO runs, 1 walk and he struck out 2. The only thing that could make those lines better is run support. And they got it. McGehee came up in the 2nd with the bases loaded…have I mentioned my idea about having small, inspirational ceremonies before each game lately? Well, they did it again on Friday night–this time McGehee received his 2014 Comeback Player of the Year Award. I bet that felt good, and maybe even a little inspirational? and for the right team this time?  but I digress…McGehee, on the 5th offering from the Marlins pitcher, got all over that pitch like a condemned man eating his last supper. Grand Slam McGehee. I hope he hits a bunch. The GIANTS added 2 more runs–1 in the 5th, another in the 7th–and the plays were almost identical. In each inning Buster led off by drawing a walk and Brandon Belt hit a single after. Both times. Then–again, both times–Justin Maxwell hit RBI singles to score Buster. The only difference? In the 5th, Maxwell’s single was a ground ball to RF, and in the 7th Maxwell hit a line-drive to LF. The final score was:

GIANTS 6, Marlins 0

Conference on the mound.

Conference on the mound.

Saturday evening promised to be a good game–it was a Madison Bumgarner start. I know our Ace can’t win every game, but he wins more than most so I like our odds when he’s on the mound. But Saturday’s game was the exception to the rule and the Marlins knocked him around with a 3-run fourth inning. The big shame was this–he pitched 5 innings, gave up 5 hits and 2 walks resulting in 3 runs scored–but he struck out 10 batters. TEN! That’s a lot of strike outs for 1 game–especially one we lose. Machi pitched two-thirds of an inning and gave up 3 more Marlin runs. The G-Men scored twice–Justin Maxwell scored in the 5th on Crawford’s RBI single and Matt Duffy scored in the 9th on Joe Panik’s 2-out RBI double. It was just a matter of too little, too late. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Marlins 6

Vogey gave us another strong start at home.

Vogey gave us another strong start at home.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and Vogey was on the mound. He gave us a VogelStrong start with solid pitching. He went 7 innings–gave up 4 hits, 1 run, and struck out 5. He kept the GIANTS in the game. The pitcher for the Marlins? Mat Latos. You remember Mat Latos, don’t you? In 2010 when the GIANTS went to the postseason–after the Padres choked–Mat Latos, who pitched for the Padres in 2010, started autographing baseballs “I hate SF.” The GIANTS gave him a reason to cry in the 2012 NLDS, when he was pitching for Cincinnati–an elimination game–and with the bases loaded, Buster sent a big fly into the upper deck, sending Mat Latos to the dugout–grab some pine, meat–and sending the GIANTS to the NLCS. Sunday I was hoping the GIANTS were gonna give Mat “I hate SF” Latos another reason to cry.

Romo was close. Real close.

Romo was close. Real close.

The Marlins scored their 1st run in the 4th, and the GIANTS tied it up in the 6th when Nori Aoki came home on Brandon Belt’s RBI single. Romo tossed a WP in the 8th–allowing the Marlin at 3rd to score even though Romo covered the plate and was about a toe-length away from getting the guy out. The GIANTS entered the bottom of the 9th with a 1-run deficit. As Kruk and Kuip would say–“1 to tie, 2 to go home”. With 1 out, Andrew Susac got a base hit and Joaquin Arias was brought in to pinch run…

Duffy gets his 1st major league walk off hit.

Duffy gets his 1st major league walk off hit.

I should tell you right now–our guys honored mothers and stood up for breast cancer awareness by sporting pink. They are auctioning the pink gear to raise much needed $$$ for breast cancer research. Gregor Blanco dedicated the day to his mom–who passed away due to breast cancer in 2006. Some of the guys were using pink bats–but not Matt Duffy. Duffy’s bat was decorated with a pink DuffMan logo sticker–he planned to give it to his mom after the game.

…Gregor Blanco came to the plate and true to his word, honored his mother with a double–advancing Arias to 3rd. Buster Posey was brought in to pinch hit for McGehee and the Marlins intentionally walked him to load the bases. Nori Aoki came to the plate, with the bases still loaded and 2 outs–and the Marlins pitcher walked him. Unintentionally. Oops–game tied. Matt Duffy stepped up to the plate with his pink DuffMan sticker decorated bat, and hit a ground ball single to LF, for an RBI and the walk off win–his first. The final score was:

The DuffMan

The DuffMan “pretty lucky in pink” sticker on Duffy’s bat.

GIANTS 3, Marlins 2

See what happens when you’re good to your mother? Good things happen. And I suppose it’s ok to share–splitting the series 50-50–on a day that honors mothers, who were the first to teach us to share. But can we go back to being more like the seagulls in Finding Nemo? Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. I like it better when the GIANTS aren’t so nice. Can anybody spare a Kleenex® for Latos? No? He’ll just have to use his sleeve.

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