Blame It On The Rain

This is the kind of weather Scutaro would have welcomed with open arms

This is the kind of weather Scutaro would have welcomed with open arms

It’s the splits. Literally. Kinda hard to split a 3-game series, but when the final game in the series gets called for rain–3 hours before the scheduled 1st pitch, well–you do the math. GIANTS went flying high into Denver on Friday, after using the big bats and their brooms to sweep the Dodgers at home. The GIANTS didn’t exactly crash and burn, but they weren’t so Rocky Mountain High after Friday night’s game.

Two weeks ago, the GIANTS played the Rockies in a 3-game series–which included the GIANTS’ home opener–and, as luck would have it, the Rockies were on a roll. They kicked off the 2015 Regular Season with a winning streak that placed them squarely at the top of the NL West while the G-Men slid to the bottom on a 7-game losing streak that they ended last week when the Dodgers came to town.

Maxwell proves time and time again--he came to play

Maxwell proves time and time again–he came to play

Needless to say, the GIANTS were looking for a little retribution when they rolled into Denver Friday night. They didn’t get it, but they came close. Too bad this isn’t government work or horseshoes.

Chris Heston got Coors'd

Chris Heston got Coors’d

On Friday night the GIANTS and the Rockies traded the lead back and forth–with the GIANTS pulling ahead 3 times until a 3-run 6th that left the Rockies permanently on top. Chris Heston had a tough night in a tough park–the Rockies racked up 15 hits; and the GIANTS bats–with 12 hits, faced a tough Rockies defense–they kept the GIANTS from getting something going by turning double play after double play–4 total. The good news? Chris Heston hit his 1st big league knock, and Justin Maxwell added to his sizzle with a 2-run dinger at the top of the 2nd. The bad news? Our Skipper got tossed.

The Skipper did too

The Skipper did too

The final score was: GIANTS 4, Rockies 6

Saturday’s game was a different story. Buster’s bat woke up in the 1st, scoring Angel Pagan with an RBI double. Andrew Susac helped his cause–a regular spot on the big league roster–by sending a line-drive over the left field wall, his 1st major league HR for the season. An umpire attempted to deprive the GIANTS of a run–Wait! What?–allow me to explain: with Buster on 1st, Maxwell fired a rocket to RF that bounced off the top of the out-of-town scoreboard and dropped back onto the field. The ump signaled that the ball was in play and Maxwell–who was taking his HR trot around the bags–was tagged out just before he reached home. After the replay review, the call on the field was overturned, and Maxwell scored a 2-run HR. The Rockies tied it up in the bottom of the 9th, and the game went into extra innings. The GIANTS scored in the 11th–Nori Aoki drew a walk to lead-off the inning, Matt Duffy moved him over with a SAC bunt, Angel Pagan sent Aoki to 3rd with a sharply hit line-drive single and Aoki scored on a safety squeeze off Joe Panik’s bat.

Buster scores on a 2-run HR by Maxwell

Buster scores on a 2-run HR by Maxwell

The final score was: GIANTS 5, Rockies 4

Here’s an interesting note–right after Saturday night’s victory, they had a little ring ceremony in the visitor’s clubhouse to present AL Champs rings to Maxwell and Aoki. When I proposed a nightly ring ceremony, I said before the game–but whatever works–and I bet you thought it was a dumb idea.

Sunday’s game was postponed until May 23, 2015 when the GIANTS and the Rockies will play a split double-header to make-up Sunday’s game. The 1st game is scheduled for 1:10 PM and the 2nd game is sEt to start at 6;10 PM.

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