Here At Last

Arizona staff prepping the field for tonight's game

Arizona staff prepping the field for tonight’s game

It may be somewhat irreverent, but all week long long I’ve been thinking–and paraphrasing the late, great Dr. King–“Opening Day, here at last, thank God Almighty, it’s here at last.” The winter seemed so much longer to me this year. But tonight’s the night.

GIANTS take 2 out of 3 in their last ST games against the A's

GIANTS take 2 out of 3 in their last ST games against the A’s

It’s been a helluva week. The GIANTS finished Spring Training on a high note–taking down our X-Bay rivals–the Oakland A’s–in 2 out of 3 exhibition games at AT&T and O.Co whipping all of us fans–especially the Lunatic Fringe–into a whirling dervish of excitement that had all the fever pitch of an Opening Day at home. The 1st game of the match-up went to the A’s, but the GIANTS picked up the other 2. It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

The GIANTS Championship Building duo

The GIANTS Championship Building duo

More good news from the front office: Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy had their contracts extended through 2019. Sabean has been promoted to executive vice president of baseball operations, and Bobby Evans has been promoted to general manager–freeing up Sabean to travel, scouting prospective free agents or trade possibles because Evans will be there to handle day-to-day operations.

Lon Simmons

Lon Simmons

Unfortunately, the high note didn’t last long. The GIANTS lost long-time announcer Lon Simmons–he passed away yesterday at age 91. A very sad day for the entire GIANTS family. Lon Simmons was the voice of the GIANTS and other Bay Area sports teams. He was famous for his trademark home run call “tell it good-bye”  *mic drop*

The baseball media big-shots–you know the ones I’m talking about–have come up with their predictions for the 2015 season. They’re not picking the GIANTS. Good–we don’t need or want their stinking predictions.There is a bit of a disagreement, though, about who will take the NL West. Some say the Dodgers–apparently this group thinks he who has the most toys wins, and some say the Padres because of their off season trades–which, by the way, lasted right up to the last day. Yesterday the Padres picked up former Braves closer Craig Kimbrel–reputed to be the best closer in baseball. Not one expert said a word about the Rockies or DBacks–not even in passing. Here’s what I’m hoping–the GIANTS take the NL West, naturally, and we have a 4-way tie for 2nd.

#letsgetODD  GO GIANTS!

#letsgetODD GO GIANTS!

The GIANTS roster has been set, and it looks pretty good from here. They kept Duffy–his bat should come in handy, and they even cleared a spot for both Kontos and Machi. We’re going into the season with 13 pitchers–nothing wrong with that. Wednesday night’s starter is iffy–Matt Cain is undergoing an MRI for stiffness in his right forearm. Tomorrow night’s starter is living proof you can never have too many pitchers. Peavy was the scheduled starter–but the front office is going to let him rest so he can kick-off the 2015 season at Petco–the pitcher-friendly park where he learned the biz.  Vogey–who is in the bullpen for long relief–will take his place tomorrow night. I’m glad. Vogelsong had a fabulous spring, and who knows? Maybe he’ll reclaim a spot in the starting rotation. Wouldn’t it be great to have too many starting pitchers?

Enough clickety-clack. I gotta run–it’s Opening Day and our game is about to start.


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