Creme Brûlée v. Vanilla Pudding

Ok, so my last blog post featured a controversial statement by Pablo Sandoval that brewed up quite a sh**storm–and generated almost more views of that one blog post than I had last year for all my posts combined. It was like being served creme brûlée for dessert instead of vanilla pudding.

bttj.sanchezThe lesson learned? If I want more readers, I gotta start a fight. More controversary=more readers. Nah–not gonna happen. I’m not sure how to get people riled up on purpose. I do it accidentally all the time. I guess I’ll have be happy with sedate blog posts and fewer readers. That’s ok, you guys–my regular readers are loyal, bright, interesting and fun. Not only that–you’re great GIANTS fans.

Back to the plain stuff–game recaps. The GIANTS have played every day since I last wrote, the games haven’t been much to write about, but it’s Spring Training and I’m not worried. Not mad either. How can anyone get mad at a bunch of guys who play with such heart?

bbeltThe G-Men took on the Rangers–GIANTS 12, Rangers 3–with Matt Duffy and Gary Brown each going yard. Then they played the Padres–GIANTS 6, Padres 7. Next they went up against Arizona with split squads and lost both games–GIANTS 2, DBacks 12 and GIANTS 5, DBacks 10–with Quiroz contributing a HR. On Monday, the GIANTS played the team we love to hate–the dreaded Dodgers, and while the GIANTS played with a mix of new kids and veterans,  LA trotted out the players that will probably make their opening day squad. It didn’t do them any good–the final score was: GIANTS 5, LA 5. Yesterday the GIANTS met up with the Padres, again–GIANTS 5, Padres 10–with Panik slugging in a HR; and today they took on the Brewers–Brandon Belt hit a HR–but the G-Men chalked up another loss. The final score was: GIANTS 3, Milwaukee 6.

hpenceThe good news? Everyone’s favorite player–including Pablo Sandoval’s fave, apparently–Hunter Pence, is reportedly in good spirits and looking forward to healing–crazy hair and all. Honestly? I can’t wait for him to get better myself–as far as I’m concerned the hair is fine–have you seen mine lately?

I’m fresh out of creme brûlée. Enjoy the vanilla pudding.

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