Hell Hath No Fury

WARNING: this post may contain strong, offensive language, including liberal use of F-bombs because the latest news from Pablo Sandoval about his departure from SF feels an awful lot like scorn to me. Reader discretion advised.

pabloEnough already. It’s probably sacrilege to say this, but when it comes to why Pablo Sandoval made the move to Boston–I’m over it. So, so over it. As for the reason Pablo left San Francisco, maybe now’s the time for him to display a tiny shred of dignity–if he has any–and just let it go. He apparently has another idea–throw as many excuses as he can think of at us and see which one sticks. Honestly? None of them work for me.

sfgpandaThe latest excuse? The one that has Pablo leaving San Francisco because he wasn’t getting the love? Horsesh*t ! Oh sure, he blames Sabean, not the fans–in fact, he doesn’t even mention the fans at all. Not even a “fu*k you very much!” He didn’t acknowledge the the thousands of fans who bought Panda hats, he didn’t even mention the die-hards that wore those huge Panda masks. The San Francisco fans were loyal to Sandoval through thick and thin–literally–when he gained weight, when he lost weight, when he got hurt, and yes, even when he was accused of rape. We stood behind him, we rooted for him, and quite frankly, we showed him plenty of love–even unconditional love.

sfgpanda2So you can imagine how angry I was–scorned, actually–when Sandoval told Scott Miller of The Bleacher Report that leaving San Francisco was “not hard at all.” He said the only guys he would miss are Bochy and Hunter Pence. I understand leaving them had to be the toughest part about the move, but what about the other guys? Guys like MadBum, Buster, the Brandons, Sergio, Javy–I could go on–apparently he’s not going to miss any of them. And what about all those fans?–not one word for the Panda People.  These aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill baseball fans–we’re talking special–dedicated and loyal. Pablo’s remarks were beyond insulting and a real big slap in the face. They–we–deserved better. Shame on you Pablo. Oh, and fu*k you too.

Told you Flannery would be a much bigger loss.

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