The GIANTS are Baaack

meme.feverCan you feel it? There’s a little hum in the air–it’s electric–or maybe it’s just me shaking with excitement. Pitchers and catchers reported to camp yesterday, with the full complement due to arrive next week–although some of the guys are already there. Of course they are–they’re GIANTS.

I didn’t think winter would ever end.

But it has, finally, and pretty soon we’ll start hearing more about Mad Bum’s energy–he’s rarin’ to go; Matt Cain’s health–he says he feels great, like he’s 18 again; how Lincecum is coming along–he spent the off-season working out some of the kinks with his dad; what Peavy’s been up to–who’s going to to play guitar with him this year? I miss Flan already–and last,  but by no means least, how Hudson is feeling?–his recovery is a little behind schedule.

madbumnNext week we’ll get our first peek at the new guys: Casey McGehee at 3rd–he’s one of the guys that showed up early, I like that about him–and Nori Aoki, the new outfielder. I’m excited. I can’t wait. Did I mention how excited I am? This past winter was way too long, but it’s over–and pretty soon you’ll be hearing from me regularly.

The 1st spring training game is Tuesday, March 3rd at 12:05 pm PST against the A’s.

That’s it–I just wanted to dust off the blog and give a GIANTS shout out to everyone. It sure feels good to be back–or at least–in the ballpark.



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