Happy New Year GIANTS Fans!

imageIt’s 2015! Know what that means? Someone else will win the World Series this year!? I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time writing that. Forget saying it out loud. I go into every new season thinking ‘this is the one!” Sorry, it’s been ingrained in my brain since I could form cognitive thought. And then in 2010–when it actually was “the year”–remember how we felt? Wow, that was an amazing feeling, wasn’t it? When we won it again in 2012–we started to think “yeah, it’s our year, it’s an even year.” Then it was “our year” again in 2014, and let’s face it–against all odds–even the naysayers, the baseball gurus, the ‘talking heads’ had to admit: the GIANTS are magical in the even years;  the GIANTS own the even years.

imageDoes that mean we go into the odd years–like this one–thinking it’s someone else’s year? Hell NO! We go into this year thinking–as always–this is our year. Because every year is our year, and the minute we give up our winning GIANTS attitude, that’s when the GIANTS will have to play without the 26th man on the bench–the GIANTS Fans. We have a saying: “Together we’re GIANT”. You bet your ass we are–it’s not just a marketing promotion. It may have started out that way, but it has quickly become a GIANTS frame of mind. And trust me when I tell you this: not one of the 25 players who make it out of spring training and head for the big show–whether it’s a first-time rookie or a returning veteran–are going to play this year with anything less than a winning attitude. They are, after all, GIANTS.

imageWho do you think will take it all this year?

Why, the GIANTS, of course–who else?

I believe, don’t you?

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