I Love A Parade

giantsparade-1024x682I do love a parade. Thanksgiving Day wouldn’t be the same without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is the parade that sets the standard for all parades. Only 1 parade tops it in my book–the San Francisco GIANTS World Series Championship Parade. The good news is lately we’ve been seeing it almost as much as Macy’s famous parade. World Series Champions like to celebrate their victory with a parade–and why not? Parades are fun, parades are happy. Have you ever been to a parade where the paraders–or spectators, for that matter–were crying? I didn’t think so. Parades are a celebration, and nobody, I mean NOBODY, knows how to celebrate like the San Francisco GIANTS and their fans. The big difference between the Macy’s Parade and the GIANTS Parade? Instead of ginormous balloon creations–you get buses, cable cars and vintage automobiles full of GIANTS. See why it’s better than Macy’s?

To the San Francisco GIANTS and the entire GIANTS family:

mbggThank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a year!!  Being a San Francisco GIANTS fan this year has been–as it always is–more fun than you can imagine. How many fans of other MLB teams can boast about their players like San Francisco fans? Think about it–how many MLB starting pitchers are credited by their teammates as “putting the whole team on his back and bringing everyone along for the ride?” Just how many of those pitchers do you know would hop off a broken-down bus–ready to crack the hood and see what the problem is? How many other MLB teams have their right-fielder ballyhooed with signs from the fans of the opposing team? How many other MLB teams have a indubitable petting zoo–complete with a panda, a baby giraffe, a horse, and a white shark? Don’t worry, you can pet the white shark–he doesn’t bite. How about the Superheroes–SuperSpeed, Beast Mode, Batman, you name it, they’re all there. Or how about a rookie 2nd baseman who showed up in June, clearly he came to play–sfgg1he definitely brought his bat, is an absolute magician with his glove, or bare hand–and took to the job like a seasoned veteran. And a 1st baseman-turned left fielder, who was with us in 2010 and came back in 2014 to hit the Bobby Thomson-esque walk-off homerun which led to “the GIANTS win the pennant!” “the GIANTS win the pennant!” “the GIANTS win the pennant!” “the GIANTS win the pennant! They should have played Russ Hodges walk-off call from that game–it had a lot more zing.

Make no mistake, we–GIANTS fans–love our GIANTS. And they love us. When the GIANTS play at home, they play before a packed house–every night. One of the media people asked Pablo what he thought about playing in front of a packed Kauffman Stadium, he told them it’s  like that every night at AT&T. The GIANTS games sell out every night–and have for the last several seasons. The Royals games didn’t sell out until they got to the post season. The only reason I’m picking on the Royals is because Ned Yost made headline news when he called out the Kansas City fans for not supporting the Royals after an abysmal 13,000 fans turned out one night in August. GIANTS fans are die-hard, tried and true. When you see someone on the street or in the grocery store–pandas-Lwearing their colors–GIANTS fans will stop and talk about the last game, about the next game, the Panda’s latest antics, Hunter’s latest speech, and in the off-season–Sabean’s latest trade or deal. Sabean likes to call us “the lunatic fringe”, but I’m willing to bet he loves us anyway. And don’t get me started on fair-weather fans–a fan is a fan is a fan–whether you’ve been a fan since birth or you just started sporting the orange and black–everyone has to start somewhere! Welcome aboard! The more, the merrier. TOGETHER we are GIANT.

I don’t think I missed a game this year. On the days the GIANTS weren’t playing I felt lost, cut adrift–even panicky at times. Rogers Hornsby, Hall of Fame infielder, whose playing career spanned 23 seasons–including one where he was both a player and manager of the New York GIANTS, once said: “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” I understand. Completely. On those days off I got a taste of what the winter was city-hall-mlb-world-series-san-francisco-giants-victory-parade-590x900going to be like–and it wasn’t good. Luckily, I haven’t experienced it too much yet–the MLB Network replayed the entire postseason over the weekend. But now I’m starting to feel it a little bit. Like any other addiction, I’m getting the shakes, the cold sweats–the panic, and it’s not the good Panik–it’s the bad kind–the kind that requires alcohol, valium or more baseball. The good news is the Arizona Fall League is in full swing. When that’s over? Stop by some time, I’ll be staring out the window, waiting for spring.


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