One More Day

imageI’m going to do something I usually don’t do–instead of talking about last night’s game, I’m going to talk about tonight’s game. Why? There’s not a whole to say about last night’s game. I will say this: it’s history. It reminds me of this kid I know–his parents were chewing him out because he got a ‘D’ in History. His reply? “That’s right–it’s a ‘D’ and it’s history.” Last night’s game was the same–it wasn’t an elimination game, and it’s over. The GIANTS and the Royals are split. Again. But, let’s face it: when it comes to elimination games, the GIANTS are the absolute best. They are unsurpassable. Remember 2012? The imageGIANTS did some of their best work when their backs were against the wall. The 1st two games of the NLDS went to the Reds–at AT&T Park! The GIANTS went to Cincinnati and played the next 3 games–all elimination games and won. All three games. After Game 4 in the NLCS, the Cardinals were up 3-1, a GIANTS loss would eliminate the GIANTS. What did they do? Well, of course, they sure didn’t lose! They won the next 3 games–each and every one of them an elimination game. The GIANTS faced the Pirates in a 1 game elimination game to kick off the current post season–and they won that too.
imageThere are 3  good things that came from last night’s loss: 1) it allows the GIANTS to play an elimination game–which we all know is something they thrive on, 2) it gives the GIANTS one more day with each other, and 3) Hudson gets a mulligan, a do-over. I like that. I wasn’t satisfied with the way Hudson’s only World Series start turned out–and I like the idea that he gets another shot.

imageHere’s the thing about tonight’s game. It’s all or nothing, do or die time. I put my faith in Bochy & Co. and the GIANTS. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants the GIANTS to win more than the GIANTS. Not even me. I’d say good luck–but they don’t really need it–they have everything it takes to beat the Royals. Whether it’s Ishikawa or Juan Perez in left, Michael Morse as DH, hitting the big fly or a base hit, Hunter with his wild and wacky at-bats that somehow manage to work, or the Panda crushing pitches–that have no business being hit–for an extra bag or two, these guys get the job done. I believe in the GIANTS. I never stopped believing.

There is just one other thing that is good about last night’s game–I get one more day with these guys. What’s wrong with that?


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