Mulligan, Please!

imageLast night’s game did not go the way I saw it in my head. In the game that played out in my mind, the GIANTS won. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think that’s how the GIANTS saw it too. All of us would really like a mulligan, a do-over,  or a DeLorean to transport the GIANTS back  to yesterday–just before the game started. It was a huge disappointment–especially for starter Tim Hudson–this was his first opportunity to pitch in the Fall Classic–possibly his last–and I wanted him to come out the winner, or short of that, at least on the winning team. He may have been the losing pitcher of record, but he did a good job out there and worked hard to keep the game from getting away from the GIANTS. He succeeded.

In the top of the 1st, the Royals lead-off man hit a double off Hudson–on the 1st pitch of the ballgame. Not a good sign. The next 3 hitters ground out, but the lead-off man advanced to 3rd on the 1st out and came home on the 2nd, putting the Royals on the board. The GIANTS didn’t score in the bottom half of the inning. After 1, the score was:

GIANTS 0, Royals 1

imageThe GIANTS defense last night was phenomenal. Ishikawa, Pence, Pablo, Panik and Hudson made the highlight reels with some incredible catches and fielding. They were all doing their absolute best to keep the GIANTS in the game. They came really close. The score in last night’s game looked more like the score we expected for these games–a real close game that came down to pitching, instead of the blow-out games of games 1 and 2. Both teams remained scoreless in innings 3, 4, and 5. The Royals scored 2 runs in the top of the 6th off a single, a double, and another single. The GIANTS staged a rally in the bottom of the image6th–Brandon Crawford led-off with a base hit, Michael Morse hit an RBI double to bring him home, Gregor Blanco drew a walk, Panik  hit a high bouncer back to the pitcher who threw Panik out at 1st and while that was happening, Morse and Blanco advanced. Morse scored on Posey’s RBI groundout. Hunter Pence led-off the 7th with a walk, and after that neither team allowed another base runner. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Royals 3

imageThe Royals have 2 games and the GIANTS have 1.  Winning tonight’s game is a huge priority–it was important before, but now it’s become a) essential b) imperative c) crucial or d) all of the above. The correct answer is d–all of the above. This is a must win situation for the GIANTS. The main reason I want the GIANTS to win is because–obviously–I’m a huge GIANTS fan. But there’s also a very small part of me that wants a GIANTS win because it would be the ultimate neener-neener, in-your-face, BOO YAH to all the talking heads, pundits and baseball experts who have engaged in this syrupy-sweet, sugar-coated love fest for the Kansas City Royals. And before that–the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Washington Nationals, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I just want the GIANTS to shut them the hell up.

C’mon GIANTS–it’s time to lock it up!


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