Game 1–GIANTS!

San Francisco City Hall wears Orange October well.

San Francisco City Hall wears Orange October well.

Last night’s opening game of the World Series, the Fall Classic, the Big Show, had a surprise ending for some. But not this Gamer Babe–no, I didn’t doubt our GIANTS–not even a little bit. Nor did any of the other millions of GIANTS fans. Joe Buck & Co. were a little stunned–in fact, their sugar-coated love fest for all things non-GIANT continued through Game 1, according to my cousin–a die-hard Dodger fan–who is rooting for the GIANTS in protest of Joe Buck’s bias, and because he is surrounded by SF GIANTS Gamer Babes, so he knows what’s  good for him. He kept me in touch–via text–about the broadcasters BS because I was watching the game on my TV with the sound muted and KNBR on my At Bat app. I’m much happier that way. Listening to Joe Buck & Co. puts me in a bad mood, and who wants to be in a bad mood when we’re winning?

imageThe GIANTS got things started PDQ–Blanco led-off the 1st with a base hit and Pablo drove him home with a double. Pablo scored when Hunter Pence fired a rocket over the center field fence for a 2-run HR. The Kansas City fans were making a lot of noise–especially when Hunter got to the 2-strike count–they were on their feet, they were really loud, but when that ball went sailing over the fence? That sure shut them up. The Royals started to make some noise on the field in the 3rd, but Bumgarner and the GIANTS defense put a stop to that and the Royals left the inning scoreless–again. The GIANTS scored another 2 runs in the 4th–and it went like this:

  • Hunter Pence led-off with a double, advanced to 3rd on a wild pitch
  • Brandon Belt walked
  • Michael Morse got a base hit and an RBI when Hunter Pence came home
  • the Royals brought in a new pitcher–the GIANTS got rid of the Royals starter after just 3 innings
  • Juan Perez hit a SAC bunt moving Morse and Belt to 2nd and 3rd
  • Brandon Crawford walked
  • Gregor Blanco walked–with the bases loaded–scoring Belt–an RWI!!

After 4, the score was:

GIANTS 5, Royals 0

imageThe GIANTS brought quiet to Kauffman Stadium again in the 7th, when Gregor Blanco led-off with a walk, then scored when Joe Panik blasted the ball to center field for a triple and an RBI–and the GIANTS chased off another Royals pitcher after 3 innings. Pablo Sandoval came to the plate and smoked a grounder past the Royal’s shortstop for a base hit and an RBI when Panik scored. The Royals scored a run in the 7th when they hit a solo HR off Bumgarner–on one of the few hits he gave up. His line looked like this: 3 hits, 1 run–the home run, 1 walk and 5 strike-outs. Javy Lopez pitched the 8th–he gave up 1 hit, but the GIANTS took care of that with a double play. Strickland pitched the 9th–and he retired the Royals hitters in order. The final score was:

GIANTS 7, Royals 1

imageSpeaking of Bumgarner, he was lights out–unhittable–and the GIANTS defense was unbeatable. Blanco caught a fly ball out to deep center, essentially swiping an extra base hit from the Royals. Bumgarner snatched a line drive that was hit right to him, and deflected another hit that came his way, but quickly picked it up and threw to 1st for the out. Ned Yost, the Royals manager was asked how the GIANTS were able to stop the Royals–who are known for their fleet feet–and he basically said they didn’t have a chance to use their running game because the GIANTS kept them off the base paths. He said “there’s an old baseball adage, you can’t steal 1st.”

imageThe talking heads were split on which team would take Game 1. There was a split between the “Bumgarner is a seasoned ace who has World Series experience” camp, and the “Big Game James” believers. They’re singing a different tune today. Today Bumgarner is “the greatest pitcher in the world” and ” Big Game James” is now James Shields, pitcher. What a difference a day makes! Bottom line? Game 1 goes to our GIANTS!!




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