I Told You!

I’ve been saying it! Haven’t I been saying it? The minute the Talking Heads pick the GIANTS to win–what happens??–down we go. I’m not saying the only reason the GIANTS lost is because the experts decided the GIANTS might pull this off. That would be crazy–or would it? Either way, hopefully, last night’s–oh so close!–loss will prompt them to start ignoring the GIANTS again. Fingers x’d.

imagePeavy was the starting pitcher in last night’s game and he held on for 4 innings. He gave up 4 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, and he struck out 2. He fought hard. He tried like hell to keep the GIANTS in the game. The Cardinals scored 2 runs off Peavy, including a solo HR in the 3rd. They scored another run in the 4th, then went on to score more solo HRs–1 each in the 7th–off Machi, in the 8th–off Strickland and in the 9th–off Romo for the walk-off win.

The GIANTS cobbled together 4 runs: 1 each in the 5th: imageBrandon Belt scored on Joaquin Arias’ groundout; in the 6th: Hunter Pence scored on Pablo’s base hit; in the 7th: Brandon Crawford scored on Blanco’s single. Then there was the incredible run scored by Duffy in the 9th, tying the game. With Panik at the plate, Perez on 1st and Duffy on 2nd, the Cards pitcher threw a wild pitch, the catcher lost track of it and Duffy ran from 2nd to home like his hair was on fire–2 whole bases on a pitch that got lost at the plate. Amazing. The Cardinals won the ballgame simply because of the solo HRs scored late in the game. The GIANTS were able to answer back each time until the 9th, when the Cardinals, unfortunately, had the last say. The final score was:

imageGIANTS 4, Cardinals 5

It was a great game to watch, both teams refusing to give up. The GIANTS played with a lot of heart–in the 7th inning the GIANTS defense caught one of the Cardinals in a rundown, and they didn’t let up until Panik tagged him out. Here’s how it went: Strickland threw to 1st for the pick-off, the runner headed for 2nd, Belt threw to Crawford. The runner turned around, Crawford threw to Strickland, who was covering 1st. The runner turned again, Strickland threw to Panik who chased the runner and dropped the tag on him to end the inning. The GIANTS were tenacious. In other good news, after an extended absence from an oblique injury, Michael Morse picked up a bat to pinch hit in the 7th and got a base hit.

imageThe game reminded me of some of those games from 2010–you know the ones I’m talking about–the ones that inspired our unwitting leaders, Kruk and Kuip, to coin the phrase: “GIANTS baseball–TORTURE.”

The GIANTS head home to San Francisco with the series tied at 1 game each. Hopefully–hopefully–the GIANTS will prove there really is no place like home.

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