Words Fail

imageThere is really no way to describe our joy and gratification over the GIANTS victory in the 1-game elimination Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates last night. It is beyond words. Why? Because, as usual, “they” said the GIANTS couldn’t do it. “They” said the GIANTS were outmatched offensively and defensively. “They” said there was no way for the GIANTS to win at PNC Park, between the crowd, the “hot” pitcher that was starting for the Pirates and the GIANTS “anemic” offense. “They” were wrong. So very, very wrong. I’ll sum up the GIANTS victory with a quote from Justin Verlander–at the 2012 WS after Pablo hit his 2nd HR–“WOW”.

imageSo, to all the pundits out there who keep saying the GIANTS  won’t win. Keep it up. We like it when you count our GIANTS out. Go ahead and tell the world just how much the GIANTS can’t possibly win. It just makes you look stupid. It’s ok–stupid looks good on you.

imageThe first 3 innings of last night’s game went scoreless–an old fashioned pitching duel. But in the 4th, with the bases loaded, on a 2-strike count, Brandon Crawford hit the big fly. The Grand Salami. And it was pretty much game over from there. Bumgarner pitched a complete game for a shut-out, giving up 4 hits and 1 walk, while striking out 10. Bumgarner was brilliant. He was lights out. The offense was equally impressive–they went on to score 4 more runs, with a total of 11 hits and 6 walks. The final score was:

GIANTS 8, Pirates 0

imageSo, to the media,  baseball analysts, and other so-called experts out there who keep saying No, No, No–the GIANTS are saying: YES! YES! YES!

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