That’s A Wrap

imageThe regular season is over and the hunt for Orange October was a success. The GIANTS are going to the post season. Was there ever any doubt? First, though, let’s wrap up with a recap of the final series of the regular season.


Let’s face there were 2 huge baseball stories unfolding as we watched Thursday–naturally, the most important one being the GIANTS vs. Padres game. And, of course, on the East coast the story about ol’ No. 2’s last game in the Bronx. I’m sure you heard about it–everyone in MLB thought it was the story of the day. They’re entitled to their opinion, but I must admit, it is a pretty good story. The kind of stuff of which movies are made.

I didn’t watch the Yankees/Orioles game, but I saw the highlights. Lots and lots of highlights. As a baseball fan, you have to love and respect a player like Derek Jeter–ok, that was a stupid thing to say, there are no other players like Derek Jeter. He’s a one-of-a-kind, what-you-see-is-what-you-get,  consummate professional baseball player. The game was tied going into the Yankees half of the 9th, and with 1 man on and 1 out, Jeter hit a single that turned into a walk-off RBI. Classic Hollywood ending. But this one really happened, and The Captain, once again, showed the world just how special he really is.

Now for the important news…

imageThe GIANTS beat the Padres. But, it wasn’t that simple. It never is, is it? The GIANTS scored in each inning for 5 innings to rack up a 6-0 lead. The Padres weren’t ready to give it up though–they scored 3 runs in the 6th and 5 in the 7th to overtake the GIANTS. But the GIANTS  weren’t done either and they put up 3 more runs of their own in the 7th. Petit started the game, going 5.1 innings–he gave up 5 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk and he struck out 8. The final score was:

GIANTS 9, Padres 8


imageThe 2nd game of the 4 game series did not go as well. The Padres came out of the gate swinging, scoring a run in the 1st. The GIANTS responded with a run in the 2nd, tying the game. The game stayed tied until the 6th when San Diego scored 3 more. Vogelsong pitched 5.1 innings. He gave up 6 hits, 4 runs (3 earned), 3 walks and he struck out 5. The one one bright spot was the announcement of Madison Bumgarner as the winner of the Willie Mac Award. The final score was:

GIANTS 1, Padres 4


imageThe 3rd game in the series–Rookie Day. The roster included as many rookies and utility players  as Bochy could fit in the line-up, and why not? Not the pitcher, though. They were led onto the field by a veteran starter–Peavy. He had a good outing, going 5 innings–he gave up 4 hits, 1 run, 3 walks and he struck out 3. The GIANTS scored 1 run in the 1st, the Padres scored 1 in the 5th to tie it up, and the GIANTS broke the tie in the 8th with 2 more runs. The final score was:

GIANTS 3, Padres 1


imageThe final game of the series, the final game of the regular season–Game 162. It was a beautiful day at the Yard, the Gamer Babes were out in force. It was a good day to be a GIANT, but, then again, when isn’t it? Chris Heston had his 1st big league start and he went 4 innings–he gave up 6 hits, 3 runs, 2 walks, and he struck out 2. The bullpen picked him up the rest of the way–including 2 lights out innings from Lincecum–and Brett Bochy closed it out with 2 strikeouts and a fly out. Papa Bochy must have been proud. The GIANTS scored 2 runs in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd, 1 in the 4th, and 4 in the 7th. The Padres put up 2 in the 1st and 1 in the 3rd. The final score was:

GIANTS 9, Padres 3

Here is what Gamer Babe Suzy had to say about the game:

image“The game was magical! The energy from the crowd was over the top and paid off in that pile up of runs later in the game! Fan Appreciation Day ended with Hunter Pence revving up the crowd even more, ending with a monumental YES, YES, YES chant that rocked the park! As the large crowd was leaving down the ramps, we heard the start of another chant. We started it on our ramp. Soon “Let’s Go Giants” was resounding off all the ramps. So cool to be a Giants fan; there’s just nothing like it in the world. Pittsburgh here we come!!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



Special Contributor: Suzy Daveluy


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