Oh No! Not Again!

Saturday’s Game

Doesn’t this remind you of the old story about the moron? You know the one–he keeps hitting himself with a hammer–when asked “why do you keep hitting yourself over your head with that hammer?”  he replies: “because it feels so good when I stop.”

imageI’m not saying the GIANTS are morons, but you have to admit the GIANTS have clobbered themselves over the head enough times that when they put up a ‘W’–there’s dancing in the streets. There will be no dancing after Saturday night’s game.

It started out ok–Petit was lights out for the first 2 innings, but the 3rd inning got away from him. A little bit. The  Padres’ lead-off man in the 3rd hit a ground rule double and eventually scored on a GIANTS error. Petit had pitched to 7 Padres’ bats by the time he struck out the last 2 and ended the inning with the bases loaded. In the  6th inning, Petit pitched to 4 Padres: the 1st one lined out, the 2nd one doubled, he walked the 3rd and the 4th hit a bases clearing double–taking Petit out of the game. The bullpen came in and kept the Padres from scoring again–for the rest of the game.

imageThe GIANTS didn’t score. At all. The big surprise for the GIANTS came along in the 9th,  and it was a pretty good surprise. Hunter Pence led-off. He looked at one ball–didn’t like it, but seemed to like the next one because he sent it flying right over the fence for a solo HR. Panik came to the plate next and got a base hit, advanced on Pablo’s single and scored on Blanco’s RBI single. Chris Dominguez–a September call-up who came into the game to pinch-run for Pablo–was the tying run. He was left standing on 3rd when the inning ended. 90 feet from the promise land. Heartbreaking. Not only did inning end, but the game ended. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Padres 3

Sunday’s Game

imageI still don’t know what to say. And Sunday’s game didn’t provide much of a conversation starter. The Padres scored 1 run in the 5th, 4 in the 6th and 3 more in the 7th. The GIANTS scored 2 runs in the 7th, thanks to the rookie outfielder. Dominguez got the nod from Bochy to start the game in the outfield. The GIANTS lead-off hitter in the 7th struck out. So did the next guy. That brought Brandon Crawford to the plate. He stretched the inning with a base hit, giving Dominguez a chance to hit. And boy, did he hit. Right over the left field fence. It was his first big league knock and it went yard. Doesn’t get any better than that. It put the GIANTS on the board. I already mentioned that the Padres scored 3 runs in the 7th–they took those 2 runs back and added another for good measure. What can I say? I’m speechless.   The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Padres 8

The GIANTS are in LA tonight to play our final 3 game series with the Dodgers. The Hunt for Orange October is on.

imageThere is an interesting side story to Chris Dominguez’ first big league hit. A little girl named Estella was celebrating her birthday at the park and she ended up with the ball. Before a member of the Padres staff could negotiate the return of the ball, the girls’s little sister had written “Happy Birthday” on the ball. Estella agreed to return the ball, on the condition that she be allowed to write on it too. She wrote “congratulations ♥ Estella”.  Dominguez liked it.

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