I Don’t Know What To Say

Honestly, I thought the GIANTS were past all that. I thought–silly me–the GIANTS were done with losing to teams that have no business beating the GIANTS. At least that’s what I hoped. Perhaps last night’s game against the Padres was just a fluke.

imageHudson pitched for the GIANTS. He had a miserable outing. His last outing–undoubtedly the worst of his career–he pitched the 1st inning, faced 2 batters in the 2nd inning and gave up 8 hits and 6 runs before Bochy took him out. Last night’s game started eerily similar–he gave up 4 hits in the 1st and 4 runs scored. In the 3rd inning, an error landed the Padres lead-off man on 2nd and he scored on a Padres RBI double. All in all Hudson gave up 5 runs, but only 4 earned. He gave up another double in the 5th and that ended his night. Until the last few outings, Hudson has been a solid, reliable, consistent spot in a–regrettably–floundering rotation.

imageThe GIANTS didn’t score any runs. They got 3 hits–Panik hit 2, one a double, and Blanco hit the 3rd. Belt was in the line-up, so was Morse and Pagan. It was good to have them back. The final score was:

GIANTS 0, Padres 5

imageIn other news, GIANTS great Willie McCovey was hospitalized with complications stemming from an infection. GIANTS fans are welcome and encouraged to send him get well wishes by email to:  williemac@sfgiants.com or by regular mail to: Willie McCovey c/o San Francisco Giants, San Francisco, CA 94107

I’m looking, seeking, searching, hunting, reaching–you name it–desperately trying to find the silver lining. Something positive. Anything. I’m keeping the faith, honestly I am, but it’s getting hard. And then I remember–hey, I’m GIANTS fan. Nobody ever said being a GIANTS fan was easy. Like Jimmy Doogan said: “It’s supposed to be hard…The hard is what makes it great.”

I don’t know what else to say.

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