Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar

The GIANTS gave the Dodgers a little spanking on Friday night. The Dodgers–perhaps looking for a little redemption–came roaring back last night and beat the __________ out of the GIANTS–you fill-in the blank, the word I want to use isn’t printable in polite company.

Seriously–17 runs??? That’s ridiculous. Laughable, really, to the point of hysteria. For those of you who don’t know–and I don’t think that’s even possible–the Dodgers scored 17 runs against the GIANTS last night. The GIANTS scored–zero, zip, zilch, imagenada. Dial the clock back just 24 hours to the series opener on Friday night. The shoe was on the other foot. And it fit. In fact, it was incredibly comfortable. Last night, not so much. It was heartbreaking to see Tim Hudson come out of the game so early, and painful to watch relief pitcher after relief pitcher give up run after run.

Here’s my take-away from last night’s game: the GIANTS lost. Period. It’s 1 loss. One. Doesn’t really matter if it was a 1-0 loss, a 17-0 loss, or even, just as absurd, 170-0. You can call it a bloodbath, you can call it a lambaste, you can call it a slaughter. Doesn’t really matter what you call it because in the end they all mean the same thing: a loss–and, a loss is just a loss. It doesn’t count double, there isn’t an asterisk next to the box score. You still get dinner when you get home.
imageThe highlight of the night was watching the Skipper call for his son from the bullpen–giving the kid an opportunity to get some work in where–let’s face it–he couldn’t do any more damage, the game was already lost. It was a historic moment–while there have been big league managers  who have managed their own sons–this is the 1st time a big league manager got to call his son from the bullpen and hand him the ball. Gives you goosebumps,  doesn’t it?

ok, that’s it. The GIANTS lost that one. Time to get over it and move on because we’ve got another game to play.

#GoGIANTS   #BeatLA   Pass it on.



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