Attack of the Killer P ‘s

When we talked before last night’s game, my husband and I both concluded that this 1st game in this series between the GIANTS and the LA Dodgers would be a very low-scoring game. A good old-fashioned pitching duel. We were half right. Rumor has it that Donny Baseball arranged his rotation so that his top 3 starters would be the pitchers who take on the GIANTS this weekend. As far as winning strategies go, that one isn’t working out so far. I know it’s only 1 game–it still didn’t work.

imageLately it seems like the GIANTS’ pitchers are either breaking some kind of record or reaching some sort of milestone. Bumgarner pitched for the GIANTS last night and he broke a GIANTS’ pitching record for most strike-outs by a GIANTS’ left-handed pitcher–in a season–since the franchise moved to San Francisco. Bumgarner struck out 9, bringing his total this season to 208. The previous record of 206 was set by Ray Sadecki in 1968. Bumgarner went 7 innings, gave up 3 hits, zero runs, walked 2 and struck out 9. Gutierrez pitched the 8th and the 9th–3 up, 3 down each time.

imageThe GIANTS employed my favorite baseball strategy:  score early–score often. In the 1st, the Killer P’s attacked: Panik hit a double, that brought up Posey who hit an RBI double scoring Panik, then along came Pence who got a base hit scoring Posey. After that, the ABC offense went to work: Arias brought Pence home with a base hit, Blanco drew a walk, and Crawford got an RBI double scoring Arias. After 1, the score was:

imageThe Dodgers pitcher–Ryu–came out of the game after the 1st inning. The Dodgers said he was suffering from a shoulder injury. Poppycock!! Personally? I think it was the Killer P’s. Ryu got Killer P stung. I’m sure it hurt. It’s supposed to hurt. The GIANTS went on to score again in the 5th: Blanco drew a walk and then scored when Crawford hit it high! hit it deep! hit. it. outtahere!! A 2-run HR. But the interesting inning was the 7th. Actually, it was more weird than interesting–but it probably wouldn’t be a GIANTS’ game without a little weird. Anyway, here’s what happened: with 2 outs and nobody on in the 7th, Gregor Blanco struck out swinging. Inning over. But wait!! There’s more!! The 3rd strike pitch that Blanco swung at–and missed—was a wild pitch. It got past the Dodgers’ catcher and went to the backstop, Blanco tore out of the batter’s box hell-bent-for-leather and made it to 1st base–safe. Crawford drew a walk, which brought up Ishikawa, who was pinch-hitting in the pitcher’s spot. Ishikawa made quite a splash. Literally. He sent the ball straight over the right field wall and into McCovey Cove. SPLASH!! The GIANTS didn’t score again, and the Dodgers never scored–giving the GIANTS not only the W, but a shut-out to boot. #BeatLA is right. The final score was:



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