When It Rains, It Pours

Friday’s Game

09.06.rain2Rain, rain go away. San Francisco came to play. And play they did. They were playing great before the 2 hour and 42 minute rain delay–and they continued to play great after. Fortunately, for the GIANTS, the tarp was put on and taken off the field correctly–so the tarp was a non-issue. The last thing the GIANTS needed or wanted was another TarpGate. Here’s the kicker: the delay was so long and with more storm fronts moving in, there was talk of calling the game. Because it was only the 3rd inning–it wasn’t a regulation game–the game would be reset. It would start over from scratch. And since the GIANTS had a 6-0 lead, that meant bye-bye 6 runs, bye-bye Peavy’s start.  When they peeled the tarp off and got the field ready for play, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Now all that was needed was a rain-free night. Or at least a couple more rain-free innings. Just enough to make it a regulation game.

09.06.blancoHere’s how the GIANTS scored the 1st six runs: in the 1st, Angel led-off with a base hit and after advancing on a Tigers error and a productive out from Posey, he came home on Pablo’s RBI single. In the 2nd, Blanco roped a triple to deep center field and scored on Ishikawa’s RBI single; Ishikawa advanced on Duvall’s base hit, Ishikawa and Duvall both advanced on Crawford’s SAC bunt; Ishikawa scored on Pagan’s RBI and Duvall scored on Panik’s RBI. In the 3rd, Posey led-off with a base hit and scored on Blanco’s RBI double. Blanco scored on Crawford’s RBI single. After 3, the score was:

GIANTS 6, Tigers 0

09.06.peavyThe GIANTS scored 2 more runs–1 in the 4th: Panik led-off with a base hit, and scored a on a Tigers fielding error; and 1 in the 6th when Pablo hit a solo HR. The Tigers scored 2 runs in the 5th. After the rain delay–to everyone’s shock and awe (Kruk is probably still trying to lift his jaw off the floor)–Peavy came back to pitch in the 4th. He pitched a great game. He went 6 innings, giving up 6 hits, 2 runs–both unearned, and struck out 3. He issued 0 walks. Kontos pitched 2 impressive innings, giving up 2 hits and no runs or walks. Lincecum came in for the 9th and closed it out with a 1, 2, 3 shut down inning.  The final score was:

GIANTS 8, Tigers 2

Saturday’s Game

09.06.susacSaturday dawned cool and cloudy. But–at least there was no rain. The GIANTS got off to a quick lead. With 2 outs in the 1st, Posey hit a single, Pence followed with another single, Sandoval scored Posey with an RBI single and Susac hit a 2 RBI double scoring Pence and Sandoval. Susac scored on Arias’ RBI double. The Tigers scored 2 runs in the 1st and 1 run in the 3rd. After 3, the score was:

GIANTS 4, Tigers 3

09.06.poseyThe GIANTS held the 1 run lead until the 5th, when Posey hit a solo HR, giving the GIANTS  a 2 run lead that held until the 8th when the Tigers scored a solo HR, leaving the GIANTS with a 1 run lead again. The kept it to the end of the game. Madison Bumgarner pitched a great game–going 6 innings, giving up 10 hits and 3 runs, but no walks or strike outs. Romo gave up a HR in the 8th. The final score was:

GIANTS 5, Tigers 4

That’s 2 down, 1 to go. Last time the GIANTS played in Detroit they used a broom to clean up. Just sayin’.


One thought on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. BTW–file this under fun facts: Peavy’s stellar pitching performance and successful return to the mound after an almost 3 hour rain delay is not without precedent. On July 2, 2011, after a 2 hr 36 min rain delay, the GIANTS pitcher returned to the mound at Comerica Park in Detroit to complete 6 innings pitched with no earned runs, leading to a 15-3 GIANTS victory over the Tigers. The pitcher? One of my faves–Barry Zito.


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