Surprise, Surprise

Wow–color me shocked. Not shocked that the GIANTS lost, but shocked that they didn’t score more–just like the other night when the Rockies scored 10 runs–the GIANTS served up 9 of their own right back at the Rockies.

Yesterday the GIANTS scored one run in the 1st. Gregor Blanco led-off for the GIANTS, advanced to 3rd on Panik’s base hit, and came home on Buster Posey’s SAC fly. The Rockies scored a run in the 2nd, tying the game. In the 5th, Blanco scored again–this time he hit a triple and scored on Buster’ base hit. The Rockies scored 4 runs in the 5th and 4 more in the 6th. The final score was:

GIANTS 2, Rockies 9

So, that’s it. No more Rockies until 2015. No game today. They’re in Detroit, getting ready to take on the Tigers on Friday.

The GIANTS have 22 games left in the regular season. They’re in Detroit for 3,  back to San Francisco to play Arizona for 3, and the Dodgers for 3. Then it’s back on the road to play the DBacks in  Arizona for 3, the Padres for 3 in San Diego, and the Dodgers for 3 in LA. The GIANTS wrap up the regular season with 4 games against the Padres in San Francisco. You know what’s after that? October. I’m coloring mine Orange.

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