Kuiper the Magnificent

kruk.kuipFor those who don’t know, Carnac the Magnificent was a fortune teller, sooth-sayer, future predictor–whatever–“mystic from the East”. His schtick was to “divine unseen answers to unknown questions” by holding a sealed envelope containing the mystery question up to his head, then foretell the answer. He would open the envelope and read the question. I’ll give you an example of an actual Carnac sketch:

Carnac holds the envelope to his head and says the answer is:   Catch-22.

He opens the envelope and reads:   

What do the Los Angeles Dodgers do with 100 pop flies?

In Tuesday night’s game between the GIANTS and the Colorado Rockies, our fearless leader–Duane Kuiper–made a prediction in the 5th inning that was absolutely on the money. He made Carnac look like a hack. When Gregor Blanco led-off in the 5th inning with a base hit–a ground ball, hit up the middle. Kuiper said: “so that’s a start…and when you read the papers tomorrow it’ll say it all started with that hit by Gregor Blanco.” Krukow chimed in: “it all started with a hit back up the middle off the bat of Gregor Blanco.” Well, GIANTS fans, I realize this isn’t a newspaper, but here’s the story about last night’s game:

imageThe Rockies–like the GIANTS the night before–scored early, scored often. It was not a good outing for Petit. The GIANTS went scoreless the first 4 innings, so when the GIANTS came to the plate in the 5th, the score was:

GIANTS 0, Rockies 6

Blanco led-off the 5th with a base hit. Duvall hit an RBI single to bring him home and put the GIANTS on the board. The Rockies took the run back in the bottom of the 5th by scoring another run. After 5, the score was:

GIANTS 1, Rockies 7

imageThe GIANTS weren’t about to go down without a fight, so they came out swinging in the 6th. Literally. For the fences. Buster led-off with a solo HR, Pence hit a single and Susac brought him home on a 2 run HR. The Rockies didn’t score again. But the GIANTS did. In the 7th, Pagan drew a walk and advanced to 3rd when Panik hit a double. Buster scored Pagan and Panik with a double of his own. Pence got a base hit to score Posey–who scored on Blanco’s RBI double–who scored on Susac’s RBI double–who scored on Crawford’s RBI triple. It was kind of like that old song dem Bones–the shin bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the… Anyway, the GIANTS scored again in the 8th–Panik got a base hit and scored when Posey hit a double, Posey scored on a Rockies fielding error. The final score was:

imageGIANTS 12, Rockies 7

The GIANTS won the game.

It all started with that hit by Gregor Blanco.

It all started with a hit back up the middle off the bat of Gregor Blanco.

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