It’s All About the Adjectives

You want adjectives? I’ve got adjectives–plenty, more than I can use. But you know me–I’m going to give it my best shot. But before I do, let me say this: I’m not trying to be glib or facetious. This is me at my most sincere.

imageThe 1st adjective is transcendent. It means “going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding; superior or supreme.” Here’s an example: Jake Peavy’s pitching performance in Saturday night’s GIANTS game was nothing short of transcendent. He was brilliant. When he was on the mound the game moved along at a fast clip. He knew what he needed to do and he got right to it. Come with me to the gutter and I’ll bring it down to street level for you–the guy did not dick around. He took a no-hitter into the 8th. When he surrendered the ball and left the mound he tipped his cap to the fans. I say we return the favor–hats off to you, Jake Peavy. Not only that, but Peavy made a little history of his own Saturday night by earning his 2000th career strike-out when he struck out the Brewers’ lead-off hitter in the 2nd inning.

imageThe next adjective is spectacular. It means “marked by or given to an impressive, large-scale display; dramatically daring or thrilling.” For example: Brandon Crawford’s dive for the ball and glove-shovel toss to Panik in the 7th was absolutely spectacular. A play that is destined for the highlight reels. But more importantly, it initiated a double play and kept the no-hitter intact. It wasn’t the first time he made a play that saved the no-hitter. In the 5th he picked up a grounder at the edge of the outfield grass, made the extremely long throw to 1st–in time–to get the runner out. Pablo did the same from deep 3rd in the 8th–the last out before the Brewers finally got a hit–prompting Krukow to say: “this has been a clinic in defense tonight.” The throws by Crawford in the 5th and by Pablo in the 8th are more fittingly described by a different adjective: incredible. Incredible is defined as “so extraordinary as to seem impossible” and the throws by Crawford in the 5th and Sandoval in the 8th were just that: seemingly impossible. By the way–Michael Morse looked liked Willie “Stretch” McCovey himself as he reached out to catch the long throws tossed his way–he used every inch of his 6 feet 5 inches to keep his foot on the bag and put his glove on the ball. He was superb–an adjective that is defined as “admirably fine or excellent; extremely  good.”

08.30.panda.penceThe Offense

Just in case you were wondering–the GIANTS did score some runs. Pablo led-off the 4th with a base hit and Pence followed with another base hit. Morse came to the plate and in true Morse fashion–smacked the ball high and hard out to the big part of the yard–for a 2-run scoring double.  Blanco followed with a SAC fly moving Morse to 3rd. Crawford came to the plate and delivered a base hit down the right field line scoring Morse. After 4 the score was:

GIANTS 3, Brewers 0 The Brewers scored 1 run in the 9th. The GIANTS didn’t score another run. Considering the amazing pitching and defense it really wasn’t necessary–it would have been welcome, but not essential–after all, a win is a win is a win. Whether the score is 13-2 or 3-1. The final score was:

GIANTS 3, Brewers 1

imageSpeaking of 13-2 wins, Kandy–a Gamer Babe from Lodi–and her husband went to the GIANTS game Friday night and watched the GIANTS amass all those runs. She told me that the couples who were sitting in their section had an agreement every time the GIANTS scored a run the couples would kiss–some made it on the kiss cam–apparently the GIANTS weren’t the only ones who scored big on Friday. She said the weather was great and that the “crabby sandwich and clam chowder in the bread bowl and the margaritas were superb as always!” There’s only a few weeks left–it’s time to get to the yard!

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