Series Won, History Made

08.28.petitNO–the GIANTS did NOT make history because they won the 4 game series against the Rockies. Shame on you for even thinking that. Although the GIANTS did win the series–but that’s not the historic event–they’ve won plenty of series. The historic event wasn’t about the GIANTS at all. It was about the GIANTS starting pitcher for Thursday’s game, Yusmeiro Petit. Until Thursday, Petit was a reliever in the GIANTS bullpen. He’s taking Lincecum’s spot in the rotation while Timmy gets his mechanics sorted out. I don’t know what that means. To be honest, I don’t think anyone does. Well, maybe Righetti does. And Timmy. And Bochy–Bochy for sure. Come to think of it, Sabean probably knows. But I digress. Petit made history Thursday when he retired the 46th consecutive batter he faced. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but what it boils down to is this: the last 46 hitters who faced Petit weren’t able to reach a base. Not 1 hit, not 1 walk. That’s 46 consecutive outs. 15 (plus one-third)  perfect innings. The previous record–of 45 consecutive hitters–was set by Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox in 2009. Buehrle broke the record set by Bobby Jenks, another White Sox pitcher. Jenks tied the record set by Jim Barr–who held the record from 1972 until 2007. Barr pitched for–well, who else?–the San Francisco GIANTS.

Thursday’s Game

imageIn the first 3 games of the series, the GIANTS won two and the Rockies won one. Thursday’s game would decide if the GIANTS get the series win or split it with Colorado. I should have given you a spoiler alert because I already told you that the GIANTS won the series. Which means they also won the game. It was an exciting game with Petit making history and all. But that wasn’t the really even the most exciting part. I’ll tell you what was so exciting in a minute. The game was scoreless when the GIANTS came up to bat in the 2nd. Pablo led-off with a base hit. Here’s where it gets exciting–Blanco came to the plate and on the 4th pitch of his at-bat: “swing and a driveright field deepit. is. outtahere!”  Scoring 2 on his 3rd HR of the season–perfect timing. At the end of  2, the score was:

GIANTS 2, Rockies 0

Petit tied, then broke the MLB record for consecutive outs when he struck out the 1st two hitters he faced in the 3rd inning. The next guy at the plate was the Rockies pitcher and he hit a sharp line drive to left field for a double, ending Petit’s consecutive outs streak. The guy after him got a base hit, scoring the pitcher. At the end of 3, the score was:

GIANTS 2, Rockies 1

imageThe GIANTS scored again in the 6th–Pagan led-off with a base hit, stole 2nd, and came home on Pence’s SAC fly. They scored 1 more in the 8th–Pablo drew a walk, advanced to 2nd on Pence’s base hit and came home on Susac’s RBI single. The final score was:

GIANTS 4, Rockies 1

So the GIANTS won the game, they won the series, Petit made MLB history, and–oh yeah, did I mention the GIANTS won the game? I did?! I just never get tired of saying that.


08.27babybeltIn other news–Brandon and Haylee Belt are the proud parents of Greyson Ellis Belt, born Wednesday, weighing in at 10 pounds and is 20.5 inches long. The Baby Giraffe had a baby! Congrats and good health to all the Belts.


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