I’m Not Mad, I’m…Disappointed

I remember the one time my grandmother said that to me–she only needed to say it once. It felt like someone had driven a knife into my heart. My parents were out of town and rather than leave me alone at home, they arranged a stay at my grandparents. But my friends and I wanted to hang out at my house and invite other people over. Have a little party. So we came up with a foolproof plan. We told our parents–in my case, my grandparents–that we were staying at another friend’s house. Except one of the girls. Not a rocket scientist–apparently told her mother we were all staying at my grandparents. So when her mom called there looking for her…well, you can imagine.

It was a foolproof plan alright. Literally fool-proof. No way a fool could successfully execute that plan. And we were nothing if not a bunch of fools. When my grandmother called me into her office–yes, she was in her 70’s and still operating her own real estate business, (turns out I’m an even bigger sh*t than you previously thought, huh?)–and with a crack in her voice and tears in her eyes, she said, “honey, I’m not mad at you. I’m just disappointed” –I begged her to beat me with a wooden spoon and call me vile names. It would have hurt a lot less.

08.23.timmyYesterday’s game was awful. Granted, I’ve seen worse. I guess part of it was because the GIANTS had such a big win Friday night anything less would be a letdown. Or maybe the fact that Saturday’s game began with such promise is what made me feel discouraged when the game ended.

The GIANTS started Saturday’s game with a bang: Pagan hit a double and Pence followed with a 2 run HR in the 1st. Great start, right? The Nationals followed in their ½ of the inning with 2 runs of their own. Then they added on 3 more in the 2nd and another one in the 3rd. The GIANTS, on the other hand didn’t score again. Timmy had an awful outing–by his own admission–he was just not able to make his pitches. The good news is Yusmeiro Petit entered the game in the 3rd inning and shut down the Nationals–they didn’t score again. The final score was:

GIANTS 2. Nationals 6

I just want the GIANTS to know, as a fan I’m not mad, but I am disappointed. And really–cross my heart–disappointed for them, not disappointed in them. There is a big difference. See, what happened with my grandmother was she was disappointed in me. And that made me feel awful. I don’t think the GIANTS should feel awful about losing a game, and really, I don’t think they do.  But you can tell–when the GIANTS win, there is a little more pep to their step. These guys keep the positive attitude through both wins and losses and we should too. We’ll get them next time. We usually do.

08.23.boch.2Bochy did the ice bucket thing after accepting the challenge from Barry Bonds. After it was dumped on his head, he challenged Michael Morse, Shawon Dunston and Javy Lopez to do it too. But before he walked away from the cameras he said: “let’s beat this awful disease.” The GIANTS Skipper is the best. By far.

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