Methinks the GIANTS Doth Protest–Just Enough

The GIANTS lodged a formal protest after Tuesday’s game, asking MLB to change the called game from a regulation game–game over–to a suspended game–play resumes. I know you don’t want to know all the gory details involved in the rules and regs–and I couldn’t spew them if I tried–so here’s the Reader’s Digest version: A game is a regulation game if it is called after 4½ innings of play have been completed and the home team is ahead. If the visiting team is ahead, the game is a regulation game if it is called after 5 innings of play have been completed. Tuesday’s  game was called in the middle of the 5th–with the Cubs in the lead–i.e., a regulation game. Bottom line: a regulation game is a done deal. Finito. Over. A suspended game will pick up right where it left off. Translated: a suspended game would give the GIANTS their only shot at playing the game, which would give the GIANTS their only shot at winning the game. Maybe. But, in a word–Hope.

Joe TorreThe basis for the GIANTS  protest was that the Cubs grounds crew mishandled the tarp used to cover the field during what turned out to be a short–maybe 15 to 20 minute–rainstorm. Actually it was more like a deluge. The Official Baseball Rules provide 6 specific circumstances where a game–that would otherwise be a regulation game–will be suspended requiring play to resume. One of the exceptions is failure of a mechanical device that is under the exclusive control of the home team. Meaning, If the thingamajig that broke was part of the Cubs equipment, then the game will be suspended until play can resume.  So this tarp–which was rolled around a big metal whatchamacallit–wasn’t rolled properly. Apparently there were failed mechanics involved. Who knows? Could be rocket science for all I know. Joe Torre was the official that determined there was a mechanical failure, upholding the GIANTS protest. And who are we to argue with Joe Torre? People, People–we’re talking Joe Torre here. If you opened up Joe Torre’s head, you would find his brain is white, round, and has red stitching holding it together. He has a baseball brain.

I said all that to tell you this–the loss I wrote about in yesterday’s blog doesn’t exist. Never happened. Today–around 2:00–Petit will pitch the bottom half of the 5th inning of Tuesday Night’s game. Tune in–the GIANTS and the Cubs will play the 4 ½ innings remaining in Game 1 of the series and then at 5:05, they’ll play Game 3. So, let’s talk about Game 2…

Last night’s game–the 2nd of the 3 game series between the Cubs and the GIANTS–belonged to the rookies. Sure, the veterans did their part–in fact they played a huge part, but the rookies were a serious contributing factor in last night’s win. They were out there flexing their big league muscles like old pros.  I am a huge fan of our rookies. I was  just as dazzled by Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford when they came up.

peavy.08.20Jake Peavy–not a rookie–was on the mound for the GIANTS, and he had an impressive outing. His battery mate–a rookie–was Andrew Susac. Peavy went 7 full innings and gave up 10 hits, 2 runs–1 was a HR–zero walks and struck out 8. The defense kept some of those hits from scoring by turning 3 outstanding double plays. Angel Pagan led-off in the 1st with a base hit, Pence followed with another base hit moving Pagan over to 3rd. Pablo scored Pagan with a SAC fly to center field. Morse came to the plate and drew a walk, but while he was at the plate, Pence took 2nd base on a wild pitch. Panik was up next and while he was batting, Pence stole 3rd. Panik singled on a line drive that scored Hunter Pence and advanced Morse to 3rd. Ishikawa doubled, plating both Morse and Panik. Busy inning. After 1, the score was:

GIANTS 4, Cubs 0

ish.08.20The Cubs put up a bit of a fight in the 2nd, scoring 2 runs. In the 3rd Morse led-off with a double, advanced to 2nd when Panik lined-out, and scored when Travis Ishikawa roped a line drive for a double. Susac stepped up to the plate and sent one over–his 1st big league big fly–a 2run HR that brought Ishikawa home with him. Pence knocked a solo HR out of the park in the 4th. Neither team scored in the 5th, 6th or 7th. The Cubs made one last attempt with a solo HR in the 8th. The final score was:

GIANTS 8, Cubs 3

We have a GIANT day ahead of us. Finish Game 1. Play Game 3. Then on to DC.

Let’s win there.


One last thought: is it just me, or do the GIANTS play better when things get whacky and weird?



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